As a deep, sensitive person, I used to find it incredibly challenging to show vulnerability to others (out of fear of rejection or criticism). But over time, I’ve come to realize that there are more benefits (than detriments) to living a heart-centered life. While we often don’t want to expose our deeper emotions (or fears, for that matter), there are ways to live a more heart-centered life without running the risk of getting hurt.

To help you feel more emotionally fulfilled, authentic, and whole, here are 3 ways to live a more heart-centered life.

3 Ways to Live a More Heart-Centered Life

Tip # 1: Rise above your ego’s wants

Often times our egos demand so much attention (much like a toddler), that it ends up causing havoc, emotional distress, and turmoil in our lives. When we’re coming from our egoic mind, we incessantly need validation from others and superficial possessions, which leads to a never-ending cycle. Not only does this add undue stress and unfulfillment in our lives, but it also doesn’t help our souls evolve.

When we allow our egos to dictate the show, we end up feeling miserable (because the ego is never satiated). When we let our egos control our thoughts, words, and actions, we end up pursuing external pleasures that are fleeting and unsatisfying.

To rise above your ego’s superficial wants (like money, power, or vanity) by shifting your focus toward your heart’s desires leads you to find more peace, fulfillment, and serenity. When you choose to come from your heart, rather than acting on your ego’s impulses, you end up creating more harmonious relationships and more satisfying experiences. So, the next time the insecure or demanding part of you tries to control you, choose love instead.

Tip # 2: Don’t take everything so personally

This has been a challenging one for me, as I tend to be hypersensitive to people. Even the slightest nuance I pick up, which ends up causing distress within me. I start to wonder “Are they mad at me? Do they not like me?”. Often when I broach the subject, the person ends up saying something like “No not at all. I’ve just been stressed, but it has nothing to do with you.”.

What I’ve come to realize is that we aren’t (usually) the cause for someone’s grumpy attitude, aloofness, or even hostility. For that matter, we might simply be triggering something deeper within them that they have yet to heal or resolve. I’m not saying this is an excuse for bad behavior (that’s totally different). What I’m saying is that we often take things personally, when in reality, how someone is behaving is more a reflection of their internal state than anything.

So, the next time you find someone being cranky or cold, do your best to remember that it might have nothing to do with you. Perhaps they’re stressed or dealing with their own pain?

Tip # 3: Choose to forgive people

One of my favorite quotes is “If you knew everything about everyone, you’d forgive everyone for everything”. It’s so true! Just like we shouldn’t take everything personally in life, we also need to strive to forgive people for their wrong-doings. This doesn’t mean you need to accept bad behavior or allow toxic relationships in your life. In that case, creating boundaries is necessary.

However, choosing to forgive people will help you heal, improve your relationships with others, and allow you to live a more heart-centered life. When you take a compassionate approach to your relationships, it makes it easier to understand why people act the way they do. Just imagine what they are feeling, the types of thoughts that they are having, or even the stress they’re under. So often people try to conceal their flaws or imperfections, but it’s through us acting empathetically and forgiving them, that we encourage them (and us) to heal pain or trauma.

The next time you find yourself getting angry at someone, take a deep breath and try your best to forgive them. The more you can forgive others, the better you’ll feel.

By choosing to live a more heart-centered life, you’ll end up feeling a greater sense of fulfillment and joy. This is one of the keys to long-term happiness.

3 Ways to Live a More Heart-Centered Life

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