Over the years, I’ve shopped for a wide range of jewelry styles – from classic, timeless pieces (like pearl earrings and gold chain-link watches) to bold, trendy pieces (such as tassel earrings and multi-colored bib necklaces). Even while my personal style has evolved over time, I’ve come to realize how important jewelry is in our wardrobes. Not only can jewelry instantly change the look and feel of any outfit, but it’s also one of the best investments in our closets (since jewelry can last for years, if not decades).

To help you learn how to build a jewelry collection that stands the test of time (and makes each piece worth investing in), today’s guide shares 5 styles of jewelry every woman should own.

5 Styles of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Pearl Jewelry

One of the first styles of jewelry I ever received (as a gift from my mother) was a pair of pearl earrings. This classic, understated look is a true must-have for every woman’s jewelry collection, as it never goes out of fashion. Whether you’re going for a polished, ladylike look or a preppy, traditional vibe – pearls always make you look elegant.

The best part about buying classic jewelry styles (like pearl earrings and necklaces) is that you can easily and effortlessly dress up any outfit – even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. This classic look has been around for decades and continues to look fashionable – even as jewelry trends come and go.

For these reasons, pearls are a great style of jewelry to add to your collection.


5 Styles of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Fine Jewelry

If you think of your wardrobe as an investment portfolio, then your blue-chip stocks would be fine jewelry (which is made completely out of authentic materials – like 18k gold, platinum, precious stones (such as diamonds and emeralds) and semiprecious stones). Designed to last for many years, shopping for top-quality fine jewelry is much like shopping for a car. The key is to look for pieces that you can wear repeatedly (such as a timeless gold necklace) and are well-constructed.

As an example, my David Yurman gold and gemstone pendant (paired with a solid gold omega necklace) has been one of my favorite pieces in my collection for over 10 years. With just a little regular cleaning and polishing, it sparkles and looks brand new every time I wear it.

Not to mention – fine jewelry often retains its value quite well; so if you ever wanted to sell it (on a consignment site), you can earn back a significant part of the original purchase price.


5 Styles of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own


While we often look to our smartphones (or just ask Alexa) to tell us what time it is, timepieces are still one of the best styles of jewelry to have in our collections. From glamorous diamond-encrusted watches (that can be paired with gowns and cocktail dresses) to sporty watches with leather bands (that are perfect for everyday wear), owning a variety of timepieces is always worth the investment.

A couple of classic styles of timepieces that are always in vogue include bracelet watches (as pictured above) and watches with leather bands. Whether you prefer oversized, masculine styles with large, rectangular faces or understated, feminine styles with petite round faces – timepieces are a must-have jewelry style for every closet.


5 Styles of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Classic Hoop Earrings

Whether you pair them with a casual, everyday outfit (like jeans and a blouse) or you wear them with a cocktail dress or sophisticated jumpsuit, classic hoop earrings are always a must-have style of jewelry for every woman.

From silver hoops to gold hoop earrings, and even braided hoop earrings (as pictured above), classic hoop earrings are always a smart investment for your jewelry collection. Not only does this type of jewelry never go out of style (even when jewelry fads and trends come and go each season), this versatile style works well with a variety of outfits – making them easy to wear, no matter what the occasion.


5 Styles of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Costume Jewelry

From exotic tassel earrings and eye-catching statement necklaces to over-the-top chandelier earrings, adding a few on-trend pieces of costume jewelry to your collection each season is always a fun way to change up your look. Whether you love dramatic, showy pieces or dainty, understated items, costume jewelry allows you the flexibility of varying your looks without making a big investment.

Since costume jewelry is designed from inexpensive or imitation gems, these are often the most budget-friendly styles of jewelry you can shop for. While it’s true that some designer brands (like Oscar de la Renta and Chanel) carry an assortment of high-priced costume jewelry (that range from $500-$3000 each), most costume jewelry on the market is quite affordable. You can even find gorgeous pieces of costume jewelry from popular designers (like Julie Vos and Gorjana), who design gold-plated jewelry (so they’re constructed to last for years).

More of than not, costume jewelry is designed to reflect the trends of the season. For that reason, I recommend opting for budget-friendly pieces that add a playful, fun element to your outfits (rather than spending a lot of money on these pieces). Save your big splurges for your investment-worthy jewelry that will retain its value over time.

5 Styles of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

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