Heralded as the Queen of “tidying up”, best-selling author and world-renowned home organizing expert, Marie Kondo, has recently announced the launch of her new Netflix show “Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo”, as well as the launch of her exclusive new home organizing line of products at The Container Store.

To inspire you to get organized and elevate your level of organization with ease here’s a peek at some of the sleek new home organization pieces she’s created. Plus, you’ll learn why Marie is passionate about helping people tidy up and transform their lives for the better.

Marie Kondo is Sparking Joy with a New Netflix Show and Container Store Line

Get Inspired To Get Organized

To start with, I’ve loved tidying up, getting organized, and incorporating Feng Shui practices into my spaces for years.

Even when I was in middle school, I used to enjoy helping fellow students re-organize their lockers (yes, I’m a nerd!). The truth is – organizing and cleaning feel therapeutic and refreshing, as it helps our minds feel more in control of our environments (which also reduces stress). So, in addition to the apparent physical benefits of tidying up, it also has many mental and emotional benefits as well.

Ever since reading Marie’s best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, she inspired me to create a home organization tutorial series on Inspirations & Celebrations, aptly titled “The Joyful Guide to Home Organizing”. From must-read tips on folding clothes, organizing closets, and storing jewelry, I share both of our recommendations and ideas for getting organized. I encourage you to check out these tutorials, as they’ll surely inspire you to tidy up.

Marie Kondo is Sparking Joy with a New Netflix Show and Container Store Line

Spark Joy by Tidying Up

To start with, having an organized home (and workspace) will not only make your life easier and more effortless, but it also helps you manage more projects and responsibilities without feeling overburdened. In addition to having items stored in their rightful places, doing everyday activities (like picking out an outfit, whipping up meals in the kitchen, or even getting your kids ready for school) will become easier. If you tend to misplace essential items (like your keys), then tidying up is definitely something worth considering. Or if you feel overwhelmed, scattered, stressed out, or anxious – tidying up can help you with those emotions too. It’s truly a game-changer!

Not only will your home look and feel more calming, relaxing, and clutter-free, but you’ll truly feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. There’s something so peaceful about being in a home (or work environment) that is clean, tidy, and well-organized.

And for these reasons, and more, it’s no wonder that Marie believes that tidying up will “spark joy”.

Marie Kondo Sparking Joy Container Store

If you had a chance to catch her last Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, you’ll surely enjoy her new show, “Sparking Joy”, which just aired on August 31st. Her new show delves deeper into the benefits of getting organized, including sharing some of her spiritual practices (such as using a tuning fork and crystal to energetically clear a space).

Marie says, “When we filmed “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” the world was a different place. It seems only right that, as have all changed over the past year and a half, so should the focus of our show. The goal of tidying is to make room for meaningful objects, people, and experiences – “Sparking Joy” takes the fundamentals of the KonMari Method™ and expands them beyond the home, applying the transformative power of tidying to businesses, relationships, and communities. I’m excited to be back and share these precious stories with you.”

Marie Kondo is Sparking Joy with a New Netflix Show and Container Store Line

Marie Kondo Creates a Home Organization Line for The Container Store

Now that you understand some of the benefits of tidying up and getting organized, let’s dive into the pieces that Marie has created for The Container Store. Her line features a range of chic, minimalist home organization and decor items.

From sleek colanders, canisters, and containers (that help you neatly tuck away kitchen tools and fresh produce) to helpful drawer organizers that enable you to store everything from lingerie to socks, her full line of home organization tools provides form and function. She offers a variety of options for every part of your home (and office), including storage boxes, shelving units, magazine holders, bins, baskets, and more.

To shop the entire line of products, check out the Marie Kondo line on ContainerStore.com.

Marie Kondo is Sparking Joy with a New Netflix Show and Container Store Line

Find Joy at Work

Whether you have a full-time career, a side hustle, or are launching a new business, being organized is one of the keys to success. From neatly storing papers and documents to keeping your workspace clean and tidy, when you get organized in your work environment (or home office), you’ll feel more inspired, clear-minded, focused, and able to keep track of all your responsibilities.

To help you learn practical techniques and strategies for organizing your professional life, I encourage you to read Marie’s book Joy at Work. Combining her signature KonMari Method with advanced research, this helpful book will teach you how to overcome the challenges of workplace clutter, boost productivity, improve efficiency, and help you handle tasks with greater joy. You’ll discover her tips for how to manage productivity, create greater success, and generate more happiness that comes with keeping a tidy desk and clutter-free mind.

Marie Kondo is Sparking Joy with a New Netflix Show and Container Store Line

Marie Kondo Encourages You to Clear the Energy of Your Space

In addition to practical tips and organizational methods (for dealing with physical belongings), given Marie’s Buddhist background, she also believes in incorporating spiritual practices into her cleaning process. For that reason, she regularly uses a tuning fork with a quartz crystal to clear and harmonize the energy of a space. Essentially, it’s like blessing a space. She encourages you to do similarly.

As scientists (and quantum physicists) are starting to prove, the Universe essentially operates on a vibrational level. Even down to the atomic and molecular level (within our bodies and all physical matter), everything has a vibrational frequency and contains energy. I think of it like WiFi signals – we all emit our own signal, as do plants, animals, and other forms. This is why many people are starting to use spiritual (or energy) tools such as sage for smudging, healing crystals, and even sound therapy tools to raise the vibration of their space and self.

How To Use a Tuning Fork & Crystal to Cleanse The Energy in Your Space

Since I’ve been learning about the healing benefits of using natural crystals, this set piqued my curiosity. So, I started using it during my daily meditation and gratitude journal writing sessions. From the moment I struck the crystal with the tuning fork, I felt a sense of peace and calm wash over me. Whether it’s a placebo effect or real, it has a soothing influence on my emotions, so either way – it’s working for me. And it’s a great way for me to become mindful and present, as it reminds me to tune into my own energy and focus on the “here and now”.

Based on her spiritual beliefs and background, Marie regularly “uses a tuning fork in her everyday life to help her to reset – and she’s never without a crystal. Striking the fork against a crystal creates pure tones that are believed to help restore a sense of balance. Made of aluminum alloy, this KonMari tuning fork has a frequency of 4,096 hertz (and it) comes with a rose quartz crystal which symbolizes unconditional love.”

Marie explains, “a tuning fork is one of my favorite purification tools. Sonic frequencies have been used in healing practices for tens of thousands of years. Pure tones have the power to bring us back to a balanced state. To use your tuning fork, first, take a moment to quiet your thoughts. Then, simply strike it against something solid – a crystal is ideal. Let the sound fill the space and allow its vibrations to move through your body. I hope this tuning fork helps to awaken your spirit, reset and be present in the moment!”

Marie Kondo is Sparking Joy with a New Netflix Show and Container Store Line

From must-read books and helpful home organization tools to her inspiring new Netflix show, Marie Kondo is truly helping to revolutionize the world, one drawer at a time. So, if you want to live your best life and boost your sense of joy, I encourage you to watch her show, read her books and discover her beautiful new collection at The Container Store.

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