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Today is a special day for many reasons. To start with, it marks the beginning of Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate all the victories and achievements that women have made over the decades. As a female empowerment advocate, I’ve always been passionate about inspiring other women to live their best lives and follow their dreams, which is why I first launched Inspirations & Celebrations in 2011.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been working on an exciting new project. In honor of this special occasion, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Inspiring Brands Academy™, a new 10-week online course for female small business owners.

Womens History Month Celebration + Inspiring Brands Academy Giveaway

Having been a Digital Entrepreneur & Lifestyle Blogger for 10-years, I’ve learned a lot about online branding and marketing. From time-saving technologies to smart growth strategies and inspiring ideas, I’m excited to share all that I know to help women succeed.

Due to the impact that 2020 has had on so many companies, I was disheartened to watch so many struggling businesses trying to survive or even closing their doors. As I believe in turning negatives into positives, it inspired me to do even more to help those in need.

As a result, I felt compelled to help women-owned companies by creating Inspiring Brands Academy™.

The course is designed to educate and empower female small business owners with digital branding, marketing, advertising, and publicity strategies. Complete with 10 modules, 50 lessons + videos, PDFs, worksheets, customizable templates, and expert tips from the pros, this comprehensive course teaches you how to elevate your brand online, reach your ideal customers and clients, and save time and money.

Womens History Month Celebration + Inspiring Brands Academy Giveaway

To enroll in Inspiring Brands Academy™, visit

Course enrollment dates: 3/1/21-3/11/21. The course starts on 3/15/21.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • Digital branding
  • Brand photography
  • Content marketing + SEO
  • Graphic design
  • Facebook marketing + ads
  • Instagram marketing
  • Pinterest marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Publicity

Womens History Month Celebration + Inspiring Brands Academy Giveaway

Women’s History Month Celebration Giveaway

Because life has been difficult for so many people lately, I want to be able to provide even more assistance for women in business. For that reason, Inspirations & Celebrations is proud to present the Women’s History Month Celebration Giveaway.

One winner will get an Inspiring Brands Academy scholarship ($997 value) + deluxe beauty gift basket ($500 value).

Whether you own a company, want to turn your side-hustle into a full-time gig, or are thinking about starting your own business, Inspiring Brands Academy™ will teach you how to create, launch, and grow a successful online brand.

My goal is to help as many women-owned companies as I possibly can, as I’m confident that IBA will help women learn how to grow their brands online and become more successful. So, I encourage you to also share this opportunity with female friends who own businesses. From Etsy shops and e-commerce brands to brick-and-mortar stores and service providers, IBA can help all types of companies.

Inspiring Brands Academy Launch + Scholarship Giveaway

Included in the beauty gift package are the following products:

  • Nature Aqua Gel Cure Skincare Set
  • Botanica by Spongellé Rose Candle
  • Jones Road Miracle Balm
  • Jones Road Sparkle Wash
  • Priori Skin Decoded TTC fx310 Naturally Enriched Cleanser
  • Humphrey’s Witch Hazel with Rose Alcohol-Free Mist
  • Yensa Super 8 Lip Oil
  • Yensa Cosmetics Bag
  • Yensa Color + Face Essential Glow Tone Up Primer
  • RealHer I Am Smart Matte Lipstick
  • Luxie Beauty Eyeshadow Brush
  • Purlisse Perfect Glow Blending Sponge
  • Clef Anti-Aging Mask with Copper Peptide

Inspiring Brands Academy Launch + Scholarship Giveaway

How To Enter The Women’s History Month Celebration Giveaway

The Women’s History Month Celebration Giveaway runs from March 1 – March 9, 2021. To enter, follow the easy instructions listed in the Gleam-powered giveaway widget shown below.

One random winner will be drawn on March 10, 2021, and contacted via email. The winner must reply by email within 2 days by providing their mailing address and contact information. Failure to reply within this time period will result in automatic forfeiture of the prize. In that situation, another random winner will be chosen.

To be eligible to win, entrants must be age 18+. This giveaway is open to USA/Canada residents. ‪

The Women’s History Month Celebration Giveaway from Inspirations & Celebrations


Inspiring Brands Academy Launch + Scholarship Giveaway

[Gifts c/o Yensa, Purlisse, Jones Road, Spongellé, RealHer Cosmetics, Humphrey’s, Priori Skincare, Luxie, Clef]


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  1. Julie Barrett says:

    I’m proud to be a woman because we are incredibly strong physically, mentally and emotionally; we exude beauty through our words, actions & bodies; we endure unbelievable pain to carry and birth new life into the world; and we possess limitless courage, strength and resilience in every area of our lives. I’d love to win this amazing prize pack to use this course to help me get my blog up and running, and to have the opportunity to try so many amazing beauty brands! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Karen Petrychko says:

    I enjoy life and feel as a woman I have lots to give to family and friends. I am proud to be the person I am. These products look pretty awesome I could sure do with the anti aging mask since I grew out my hair. I feel like I am rocking the grey color now!

  3. I am proud to be a woman because I am living my dream everyday. I am happily married and I have strong a character, a determi, ned mind and am very industrious. It’s important to me to support other women with their carreers, small businesses or whatever they enjoy in life. I like to inspire them to reach their goals.
    I love this amazing selfcare beauty collection! I would especially like to try the Yensa prime glow product, and their other lovely line of products. I have researched them and their products would be a perfect match for me. I also would like to try the Nature Aqua Gel Cure Skincare Set. I am all about taking great care of my skin and these products are noted for doing just that. Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway.

  4. Happy Woman’s Day to all!

    I would have to say I am a strong independent woman especially for what I am going through in my life right now. With my ex husband child custody is never easy and I try to take one day at a time, but the fees for lawyers is a bit ridiculous and hard I am stressed out as a woman lately, but on that note I am excited to win beauty products. I LOVE trying new beauty products for myself or for me and my family. I am most excited to the following:

    Jones Road Miracle Balm
    Jones Road Sparkle Wash
    Priori Skin Decoded TTC fx310 Naturally Enriched Cleanser
    Humphrey’s Witch Hazel with Rose Alcohol-Free Mist
    Yensa Super 8 Lip Oil
    Yensa Cosmetics Bag

  5. This self care package is beautiful. I really like the Yensa Cosmetics Bag and would also love to try the Clef anti aging mask. I am proud to be a woman because of our unwavering strength and resilience.

  6. I would love to win this package because I love to try new skin care and beauty products and give some away too! I’m proud to be a woman because God made women with all their wonderful qualities.

  7. I have my eyes on the Yensa Cosmetics Bag, and it’s nice to pamper oneself as a woman. Would like to try the primer.

  8. Rachel Mertz says:

    I was viciously attacked, along with my Shipoo, by a loose pit bull this past year. It’s been a long few months of antibiotics, pain med’s, healing and physical therapy for both of us. In addition to having COVID badly this past year has really taken a toll on me. This prize package looks amazing – it looks like just the tools I could use to perk me up and feel like a woman again.

  9. Amber Lee Kolb says:

    I love trying new beauty brands to see which products I like to add to my routine or replace another product with. I’m proud to be a woman because I’m strong, I’m feisty, and I get to use so many beauty and make up products! I’m excited to try the Jones Road Miracle Balm. Happy March!

  10. I am a small business owner and believe that women can empower, support and inspire each other. It is my mission to empower, support and inspire other women through my business and would love to win the course to grow my brand and become more successful.

  11. Jamie Johnson says:

    Good morning, and happy new month to you! Wow! Why am I proud to be a woman? That is a pretty big question to ask before I’ve even had my morning cup of coffee! I’m proud to be a woman because I love my femininity! I absolutely love all things beauty, fashion, and haircare! I live for finding new beauty products, like all of these lovely ones featured in this giveaway. I LOVE getting dressed up, and I could live in dresses for the rest of my life! I love perfume and going dancing and drinking with girlfriends. I also love that I am a sister to two older sisters and one younger brother. The thing I am most proud of as a woman is being a wife. I am not a mother, and my mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 21. But all her life, she showed me how to be an independent, smart, strong, and compassionate woman. She and my dad were together for over 33 years! She taught me how the best marriages work, and that work really does have to go into them for them to last. I LOVE my husband! We have our 13 year anniversary coming up, and I couldn’t be happier! I love him more than life itself, and I can’t even imagine a world without him in it. So it’s safe to say my favorite thing about being a woman is being a loving wife. As for what products in this giveaway I am most excited to try is all of them! But if I had to pick just one, it would be the Nature Aqua Gel Cure Skincare Set. I got a sample of some of their products a while ago, and I absolutely LOVED them! I have uber sensitive skin, and I have to be so careful with the skincare products I use. I loved the samples I got from their brand, and I would LOVE to try this deluxe set! I would really also love that Yensa Super 8 Lip Oil. After wearing masks for over a year now, my lips and hands are just awful! I need all the lip love I can get, and I bet that lip oil would help. All these products and so many more are great examples of why I love being a woman and getting to try new beauty treats! Thank you SO much for this incredible giveaway! I look forward to them every month, and one month I know I will win. Maybe this month will be the one! I am Irish after all, and with a little luck, you never know! Hope you and your family are staying safe and doing well! Thanks again and happy March to you all!! Even during a pandemic, we all find the strength to MARCH ON!! xoxoJJ

  12. Rachel Collins says:

    I forgot to add that I’d love to try the Clef Anti-Aging Mask with Copper Peptide, Purlisse Perfect Glow Blending Sponge and all of the products!

  13. Rachel Collins says:

    I’m proud to be a woman because of what I’ve overcome in my life. I’m very happy now and that’s what matters.

  14. Joann Higbie says:

    I would like to win this giveaway to learn some new information to help with my business and to try some new beauty products.

  15. Thank you so much for hosting this amazing giveaway to Celebrate International Women’s Day with us. I am proud to be a women because we are strong and love to support each other! Love to set a positive example for my daughter too. I am excited to try the Yensa products. Seems them around a lot with great reviews too. 🥰 Wish you a wonder International Women’s Day and thank you for always sharing wonderful contents with us.

  16. Happy Women’s Day! women are strong and I am so proud to be female! I would love to win and am excited to try Yensa essential Glow. Thankyou!

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