A narrow foot is considered attractive by most men and women. However, women with a narrow foot can experience foot pain and discomfort when wearing ill-fitting shoes—regardless of the size, shape, or length of the shoe’s actual heel. In addition, finding the perfect shoe for narrow feet can be tricky, especially if the wearer’s foot […]
One of the most chic and comfortable Spring shoe trends coming out this year are pointed toe flats. Over the past few seasons, we’ve had towering heights (and painful tootsies) with sky-high platform heels. Now that we’re heading into Spring, it’s time for a refreshing change. A modern, updated spin on the cute and Continue Reading
  Kick up your heels this coming season with the hottest fall and winter shoe trends. From studded shoes, spiked heels, and fringed boots, your winter wardrobe is about to get a much needed jolt to the system with these outrageous and edgy fashion statements. Unleash your inner wild child and get ready to rock […]