The world can be both a joy and a challenge at times, depending on who we’re around. While relationships are one of the best experiences in life, they can also get a little difficult at moments – especially if you’re an empath. With so many feelings, thoughts, and emotions around us at all times, it can sometimes be hard to filter out what’s ours and what belongs to other people. This is definitely the case if you happen to be an empath, like me.

The good news is, once we learn how to become empowered empaths, we’re less influenced by our surroundings. And, if anything, we actually have more power to influence the world around us in a more positive and uplifting way.

The Empowered Empath's Guide to Being a Highly Sensitive Person

What are empaths or highly sensitive people?

Essentially, empaths are highly sensitive people who have the ability (and sometimes burden) of feeling other people’s energy, without realizing it most of the time. This article will show you how to become an empowered empath, capable of taking on the challenges of life with confidence and clarity while still being able to help others when they need it.

What does it feel like to be an empath?

Growing up, I realized I was highly sensitive. Not only did I have deep feelings of my own, but I also instinctively could pick up on the feelings of everyone around me. Over time, I’ve become so in tune with other people’s emotions, that I can now detect even the deepest emotions.

At times it can be overwhelming because I deeply feel others’ emotions.

When people are happy, it’s great, because their positive energy amplifies mine. But when they feel sad, I can feel exactly how they feel, and that’s not always easy to handle. And don’t even get me started on crowds or busy cities – those can feel like sensory overload at times!

Over time, I started to realize I was essentially “wearing” the emotions of other people at times. This became more clear to me as I paid attention to how I felt after I spent time with others, versus when I was by myself. Have you ever noticed that after you hang out with one person, you feel upbeat and cheery? But, then after being with someone else, you feel grumpy? Well, you might still be carrying their energy with you, without even realizing it. That used to happen to me a lot, without even knowing what was going on within me.

I knew there had to be a better way to live… That’s when I began to learn about the term “empath”.

Are empaths weak by nature?

While there is a lot of information out there that indicates that empaths are weak (because they’re so sensitive), that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, empaths can actually learn how to become empowered and strong. Once you discover ways to get centered and clear your energy, you can use this heightened ability to pick up on other people’s feelings in a way that doesn’t drain you or negatively impact you.

If anything, being an empath is like having a secret superpower (not a weakness).

The Empowered Empath's Guide to Being a Highly Sensitive Person

How can empaths become empowered?

To become an empowered empath, here are 3 helpful tips to remember.

  1. Learn to ground yourself and clear your energy. Whether you take a 10-minute walk by yourself, meditate in a quiet place, or spend time in nature – find ways each day to get centered. This will help you clear your energy. While doing these self-care activities, instead of ruminating on your past conversations with others or dwelling on their feelings, shift your focus inward towards yourself instead. You can also practice a mantra during your meditation, by repeating a phrase like: “I clear myself of the thoughts, feelings, and vibrations of other people.” I essentially imagine my brain sending a signal to all my cells saying – we’re doing an energy detox folks!
  2. Create healthy boundaries with others. From family and friends to colleagues or clients, interpersonal relationships can sometimes be challenging for highly sensitive people. Without establishing healthy boundaries (and learning to not feel guilty about saying “no” when necessary), empaths can get easily washed away in the feelings of those around them. That’s why learning how and when you communicate with others is so important. If you find it draining to be around certain people, minimize the amount of time you’re with them or be selective about how you spend your time with them.
  3. Do things that boost your mood. I find that the higher my vibration, the less that other people’s feelings affect my mood. That’s why doing activities that enhance your positive mood can help you become an empowered empath. Think of your energy as a well. The more often that you take on other people’s feelings (and wear them as your own), the less water you have in the well (because they’re draining you). So, in order to replenish your well, you have to put resources back into it. That’s why mindfulness, self-care, and energy-clearing practices are so impactful on your system. They truly help to refill your well of energy.

In conclusion, becoming an empowered empath is a process. It’s about embracing your sensitivity, learning how to use it in healthy ways, and gaining confidence while you do so. It can also be a beneficial skill to use for creating more harmonious relationships and can be useful in helping and healing others. Once you learn these skills, you will feel more balanced emotionally, and you’ll be able to let go of the stress that comes from taking on other people’s emotions as your own.

[Image credits: Kara Nixon Photography]

  1. Wow. THIS was what I needed. I’m discovering it and it’s been a on going thing but I never knew what to call it! Thank you!

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