This might surprise you to learn (given how often I write about positivity), but… being positive doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to proactively work at it every day. And for that matter, it’s never easy, even when everything seems to be going well in my life.

3 Ways To Raise Your Vibration & Become More Positive

I’ve got to be honest – I’m pretty sure I have a grumpy cat living rent-free inside my head. The truth is – I tend to vacillate between feeling positive, hopeful, and optimistic, to then feeling the opposite. So, I’ve had to earnestly work hard at raising my vibration and becoming more positive.

To help you live your best life and become the happiest version of yourself, here are 3 tips I’ve learned over the years.

3 Ways To Raise Your Vibration & Become More Positive

3 Ways To Raise Your Vibration & Become More Positive

Tip # 1: Stop trying to be perfect; just be human.

This is one of the most difficult ones for me, as I tend to have a perfectionist, Type A personality. I think it started as a young child when I would get positive recognition (and love) for my achievements. It led to decades of striving for perfection in everything I do, and it resulted in me feeling “less than” whenever I made a mistake, failed at something, or for that matter if I showed my flaws or imperfections.

I grew up convincing myself that the women who were most liked, accepted, or loved were perfect. While I know this isn’t true, for some reason, it’s been a difficult belief to let go of. But I’ve realized over the years that this belief has hindered my ability to be authentically joyful.

The more that I allow myself to just be human (without trying to be perfect), I end up feeling happier.

This empowering act helps to raise your vibration and become more positive, as it takes a lot of mental pressure off yourself to be anything but human.

Tip # 2: Share your vulnerability with others.

I grew up thinking that vulnerability was a sign of weakness. As a strong woman, I have always projected an image of resilience, determination, and power. But, as a result, I’ve spent a lot of time over the course of my life, isolating myself whenever I’m sad, scared, or feeling low. And for that matter, I rarely cry in front of people (including my family or friends), but yet, I cry (by myself) as a way of releasing my emotions. It’s often incredibly challenging for me to share vulnerability with others, but it’s something I’m proactively working on (hence I’m starting to write about it more).

While I mentally know that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when we’re not feeling positive (that’s normal), for whatever reason, sharing this can feel very uncomfortable. But that’s part of the process that’s needed if we want to overcome challenging moments (and low points).

To raise your vibration and become more positive, challenge yourself to share your vulnerability and raw truth with others. This doesn’t mean you need to broadcast it to the world. It just means that by choosing to share your honest experience (even if it doesn’t reflect the “ideal self” you want to project to others) with those in your life, you’ll end up feeling a greater sense of emotional freedom.

Because of this, it will help to shift your emotional state from a lower vibration to a higher one.

Tip # 3: Celebrate your wins (little or big).

If you’re a goal-oriented gal (like I am), you might tend to feel like you’re not doing enough, that you could work harder and push yourself more. While challenging yourself to grow, evolve, and become your best self (while reaching your goals) is generally a good thing, more often than not, as women, we tend to diminish the value of our successes. That’s why we need to celebrate our wins (both big and small).

To raise your vibration and become more positive, think about every win you’ve had in your life. This could be as simple as making self-care a priority each day and taking care of your well-being, or as big as accomplishing a major goal you’ve set (like finishing school, getting a job you wanted, or finding the courage to follow your dreams).

The more that you remind yourself of your “wins”, the more self-confident and positive you’ll feel. Always remember, the only person who truly has the ability to empower you is you. You can either become your biggest cheerleader or your worst enemy. Choose wisely.

3 Ways To Raise Your Vibration & Become More Positive

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