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I’ve always believed in the power of nature. Over the years, I’ve learned how important it is for us to make mindful choices about our bodies, especially if we want to feel good. That’s why I’m becoming even more drawn to natural products and remedies that can help to enhance our sense of well-being.

Whether you’ve been exercising a lot or just feel the tension in your body from work or stress, fortunately, there are natural ways to help relieve tight and sore muscles. From massage treatments and CBD products that help relieve inflammation to stretching and foam rolling exercises, here are a few of my favorite ways to relieve tension in the body.

Natural Ways To Help Relieve Tight & Sore Muscles

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

Use CBD Products To Help Relieve Tight or Sore Muscles

For years I’ve known about the efficacy of plant-based ingredients, which is why CBD products have recently intrigued me. Since I prefer to use natural products over chemicals or pharmaceuticals (like OTC pain relievers), over the past couple of months I’ve been using CBD products to help relieve tight or sore muscles.

As I work out regularly (and do HIIT training, which pushes my muscles to exhaustion), I’m often sore after exercising. In addition to this, for 15-years I’ve experienced low back problems, which compelled me to regularly visit chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists. To help relieve the pain and soreness (especially in my lower back), I’ve been using CBD products to help, and I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in how my body feels.

One brand in particular that I’ve been using is REBORN, which is a line of all-natural CBD products containing premium broad-spectrum hemp extract. The Los Angeles-based company offers a range of high-quality CBD products (that are vegan and gluten-free) intended for wellness. Some of their most popular products include the Rejuvenate & Restore Massage Oil, the Repair & Relief Muscle Relief Balm, and pure CBD Oils (in a variety of flavors).

Since I’ve been using their products, I’ve experienced noticeably less muscle tension and fewer aches. I’ve been applying the muscle relief balm on sore spots (like my lower back and shoulders) a few times a day, especially on days when I exercise. I’ve also been loving the relaxing massage oil whenever I do self-massage on tight muscles.

What are CBD Products?

You might have heard about CBD products as they’ve become a recent booming trend in beauty and wellness, but are still unsure what it means. Essentially, CBD products contain hemp, which is a natural plant-based ingredient. CBD products (that do not contain THC) will not get you high, as they don’t have psychoactive effects. But they have been reported to help a myriad of common problems, including tight or sore muscles, aches, and pains.

As Allure magazine reported in an April 2019 article, “CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of over 80 compounds called cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant. Topical CBD’s most enticing attributes are its anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-killing) properties. Also, for people who can’t — or don’t want to — pop pain pills, topical CBD takes down the ouch level and reduces swelling. That’s why we’re seeing it in so many rubs and balms, used for achy joints or sore muscles before and after workouts, as a chicer alternative to Bengay. The same properties make CBD oil a heck of a massage lotion, too.”

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

Do Regular Self-Massage to Relieve Muscle Tension

For those days when you can’t indulge in a luxuriating spa treatment (like a deep tissue massage), I recommend doing a self-massage at home to help relieve muscle tension. First, apply the REBORN Rejuvenate & Restore Massage Oil (which is infused with CBD) to your hands and then start to apply pressure to tight muscles and sore areas. Glide your hands in an upward motion, to help stimulate circulation and get the blood flowing to these areas (which can help speed up recovery). Continue doing the self-massage for at least 20-minutes to help relax your body and relieve tension.

As published in the New York Times, “studies have shown that massage can reduce levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol, improve joint function and reduce pain in people with osteoarthritis, temporarily reduce muscle soreness  after hard exercise, and speed healing of sore, overworked muscles by reducing inflammation and otherwise amplifying the muscle cells’ repair process.”

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

Do Stretching Exercises to Lengthen Tight Muscles

Whenever you exercise (especially when doing strength-training activities), your muscles naturally tighten. To keep your body flexible, limber, and feeling good, always make sure to do stretching exercises. Not only will this help to lengthen tight muscles, but stretching can also help to minimize any soreness or tension.

Below are a couple of my favorite daily stretching exercises that I do to help relieve tightness in my lower back and hips, which are two areas that I tend to carry tension.

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

Cat & Cow Stretch

The above stretching exercise is helpful in relieving low back tension. This exercise brings increased flexibility to your spine, activates your core (abdomen and oblique muscles), and helps to reduce tightness in the low back.

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

Hamstring Stretch

Surprisingly, low back tension is often correlated with tight leg muscles. One of my physical therapists told me that I had tight hamstrings, which was affecting my back. To remedy this, he encouraged me to start stretching my hamstrings by doing the above exercise.

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

Hip Openers

Women often carry tension in their hips, which is why doing hip openers are important. The above pose helps to gently relieve tightness in the hip area, allowing for greater flexibility and movement.

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

Apply an Anti-inflammatory Balm on Sore Spots

A chiropractor I’ve visited with over the years explained his theory that “our bodies are like a spider’s web and everything is connected.” He went on to say that he’s noticed a connection between structural misalignment and tendons getting detached from the bone. As a result, in addition to doing chiropractic adjustments on me, he’s also taught me how to apply pressure to individual sore spots for at least 60-seconds to help “reconnect the tendons”. This form of tender-point acupressure also helps to relieve tight “knots” in the muscles, due to exercise or over-exertion. To help facilitate this process (and speed up recovery), it’s beneficial to first apply an anti-inflammatory balm (such as the REBORN Repair & Relief Muscle Relief Balm), as it can help relieve the tension.

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

Use a Foam Roller on Tight Muscles

One of my favorite ways to relieve tight or sore muscles is by using a foam roller. Foam roller exercises are some of the best movements you can do to relax tight muscles, alleviate soreness, increase flexibility and help prevent injuries. The key to foam rolling (properly) is to use it on the muscles, not on the bones or joints.

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

To learn how to do foam roller exercises, check out the foam roller fitness tutorial series on Inspirations & Celebrations (which I created in collaboration with a certified fitness instructor who specializes in post-rehabilitative and restorative movement).

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

Relax Your Mind to Relieve Body Tension

Aside from exercising and physical activity, stress and anxiety can also lead to tension in the body. Some people carry stress in their shoulders, whereas others (like myself) experience tension in the lower back. In addition to practicing mindfulness and meditation techniques (which can lower your stress levels), you might also consider using CBD oils. Using these non-psychoactive hemp oils can have a calming, relaxing effect.

To learn more about CBD products and how they can benefit you, visit

Natural Ways To Relieve Sore & Tight Muscles After Exercising

Photography by Rachel Krueger.

[*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. **All products contain less than 0.3% THC or none. This post is for informational purposes only.]

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    I guess I have not found the right CBD product but it is expensive. I have tried the oil/rub/roll on and did not do anything for me. And the one that is sitting on my desk cost $70 for 1 oz.

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