When you read the word meditation, does your mind instantly envision a Buddhist Monk sitting peacefully cross-legged, while surrounded by lit candles and burning sage? Well, that’s probably how it all started. But, in our busy, fast-paced world, the concept of mindfulness and meditation has taken on a whole new meaning.  

If you think you’re too time-strapped to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into your day, think again. To inspire you to get centered, re-focus your energy, and clear your head (from that internal running dialogue of “have-to’s” and “must-do’s”), today’s wellness guide shares 3 simple ways to add mindfulness to your daily routine.

Modern Zen Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

3 Simple Ways to Add Meditation & Mindfulness To Your Daily Routine

We often feel the most burdened and stressed when we have too many things to think about. Whether it’s that looming deadline on a big work project, or we’re just frazzled by the lack of order and tidiness in our homes, stress and anxiety often spikes when we have “too much to do in too little time”. But when we take a quiet moment to mentally calm down and separate ourselves from these external responsibilities, we become more productive, focused and grounded as a result. 

Even the most successful, productive business leaders in the world (like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and legendary motivational speaker and author Tony Robbins) incorporate meditation and mindfulness into their hectic daily routines. If these incredibly busy people can make time to do this, then we can too. 

Meditation and mindfulness have been proven to help reduce stress levels, boost health and wellness, and improve clarity, focus, and productivity. Even a short 10-minute meditation session (with no external distractions) can help reinvigorate and energize you while helping you to get connected with your mind and body.

Modern Zen Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

Here are 3 simple ways to add meditation and mindfulness to your daily routine:

Do Deep Breathing

When you feel the most stressed, remember to breathe – deep breathe, that is. As an integral part of Yoga and Pilates fitness regimens, deep breathing is one of the easiest (and often most forgotten) parts of mindfulness and meditation. The best part is – you can do it anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or in the middle of a stressful project, take 3 deep breaths to reset your internal sense of calm and balance. Breathing deeply oxygenates the blood, which in turn helps to energize and nourish your brain and body. In addition, regular deep breathing also makes your skin look more radiant – so that’s an added benefit of doing this meditation technique throughout the day. 

Modern Zen Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

Recite Positive Mantras

More often than not, when we speak to ourselves, we often nag, criticize or pick at ourselves. Whether we’re internally making ourselves feel guilty for eating that sugary donut or we feel disappointed for not pushing ourselves harder in that workout class, we are often our own worst enemy when it comes to self-talk. That’s why it’s incredibly important that we turn this conversation around by becoming mindful about how we speak to ourselves. In order to live an inspired life and become the best versions of ourselves, it’s imperative that we learn to build our self-esteem and confidence through positive self-talk.

Whether we internally recite positive mantras (like “I am deeply loved and cared for” or “I am strong, wise, and capable”), or we just focus on boosting our morale through motivational messages (such as “I am becoming the best person I can be now”), doing daily positive self-talk is essential to our well-being and mental happiness.

Because no matter what is going on around you, always remember – happiness is a choice. It’s not based on external circumstances or outside situations. Happiness is a state of mind more than anything.

Modern Zen Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

Be Quiet & Just Observe

Have you ever noticed that children are often so consumed with being in “The Now”, that they joyfully lose track of time and just immerse themselves in the present moment? That’s because they aren’t fixated on the past or the future (which take us out of our calm, centered state). To relieve stress, calm your mind, and let go of anxiety, take a few moments each day to just be quiet and observe what’s going on around you – right here, right now.

Whether you’re in a bustling city coffee shop or a peaceful park, silently watching and listening to everything around you (without judging) helps you get into the flow of the present moment. Use your senses – smell the freshly roasted coffee like it was the first cup you’ve ever had, listen to the ladies behind you cheerfully chatting about their kids, watch the tourists blissfully wandering through the city streets.

As you pay attention to the present moment, your thoughts and worries will naturally become less of a focus. As a result, you will become a more focused, clear-minded person who is able to handle more tasks (as you won’t feel consumed by the “thought” of them). In addition, by learning to release your attachment to mental chatter (which is the incessant internal thoughts we’re bombarded by), you will feel a sense of relief and a feeling of being more grounded and centered. 

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