Now that we’ve changed the clocks because of Daylight Savings, we get an extra hour of daylight each day which makes a lot of people happy. The downside is – those early mornings now feel a lot earlier, which often leaves us feeling tired, cranky, and a little out of sorts. To help you transition to the new time and encourage your body to adjust to Daylight Savings better, today’s wellness guide features 5 inspiring ways to Spring forward.

5 Inspiring Ways To Adjust Your Body To Daylight Savings

1. Do Stretching Exercises

Whether you prefer yoga, foam rolling, or just basic stretching exercises, to help your body relieve anxiety, release any built-up tension and eliminate muscle aches, do daily stretches. Not only does this help your body sleep better at night and function better during the daytime, you also feel relaxed and rejuvenated, which enables you to adjust more easily to Daylight Savings.

5 Inspiring Ways To Adjust Your Body To Daylight Savings

2. Go Outside

The fastest way to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D (which makes you feel happier) is by going outside and enjoying the sunshine. Whether you live near the beach, a lake or river, or even a park nearby, spending time outdoors reconnects you with your sense of inner peace and invigorates your mind and body. Even if it’s just for 20-minutes a day, going outside, connecting with nature, and deep breathing is a sure-fire way to help your body adjust to Daylight Savings. Remember to always apply sunscreen before spending time outdoors.

5 Inspiring Ways To Adjust Your Body To Daylight Savings

3. Do Gardening

Even if you only have a small patio, gardening is a great way to inspire you to connect with nature. Now that we have more daylight, spending some time planting, pruning, and caring for your garden will not only beautify your home, it will also make you feel relaxed and renewed for Spring.

5 Inspiring Ways To Adjust Your Body To Daylight Savings

4. Get a massage

Whether you regularly workout or not, lactic acid can build-up in your muscles, causing aches and pain. The only way to really relieve these sore spots is with a massage. While some people think that going to a spa to get a massage is an extravagant indulgence, the truth is – it’s one of the best ways to heal, restore, and balance your body – making it an investment in your health and well-being. Plus, taking time to be peaceful and calm helps you manage your stress, which (every Doctor would say) is an incredibly important step toward creating wellness and preventing illnesses.

5 Inspiring Ways To Adjust Your Body To Daylight Savings

5. Go to bed earlier

Because a good nights sleep is vital to one’s health and well-being, the easiest way to handle Daylight Savings is to go to bed earlier. When you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day, your brain will function better, you’ll be able to handle your workload and projects with ease, and will feel less frazzled and stressed. To help you sleep better, turn-off any computers or TVs at least 30-minutes before bedtime, drink a calming non-caffeinated tea (like Chamomile tea) and spray a lavender essential mist on your pillow. 

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