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Back Pain Relief Health Tips & Treatments

Whether you’re an active person who has a demanding schedule, or you have a 9-to-5 job that requires you to use the computer all day long, it’s not uncommon to experience back pain. Back pain can keep you from enjoying your life to the fullest and being as productive as you could be.

Fortunately, there are natural treatments and non-invasive techniques that can help you get back on track with your physical health, strength, and well-being. Featured here are health tips and treatments for back pain relief.


4 Natural Ways To Get Back Pain Relief

TOPICAL SOLUTIONS: When you’re plagued with back pain, you experience a range of uncomfortable sensations, from minor tension and a feeling of tightness to all-out, excruciating pain.

Whenever you have back pain, reduce inflammation and relax the muscles by using an alternating combination of ice packs and heating pads. This is helpful if you pulled or strained a muscle, especially from a sports injury. If, however, you think a vertebrae got misaligned, some Chiropractors have recommend icing for three days straight, then introducing a heating pad.

In addition, topical pain relief solutions (like homeopathic Arnica Gel or Traumeel) applied to the skin in the areas of pain help soothe tight muscles and minimize the feeling of soreness.


When you use a computer for a lengthy period of time, or you exert physical energy lifting heavy items, it’s easy for your back and neck to get out of alignment. Regardless if it’s a tweak in the neck or a weakness in your lower back, whenever a bone or vertebrae gets out of place, consider getting a Chiropractic adjustment. Not only will the treatment help relieve immediate discomfort, it can help your body heal and strengthen itself.

Dr. Wilson Smith, a Chiropractor in Carmel Valley (California) thinks that “arthritis can occur as a result of bone misalignment”. His theory is that arthritis can develop over time as misaligned bones rub up against each other during regular physical activities. For this reason, he says “chiropractic adjustments can help”.


Whenever you put your body to use, your muscles go through the normal process of getting micro-tears and then re-building itself (which is how muscles get stronger). However, when the muscles get too strained, it results in back pain and a sensation of feeling tight.

That’s where massage therapy can greatly help. Not only does a deep tissue massage help stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins, it also helps to relieve muscle tightness and release lactic acid (which builds up in muscles). [Source:]


On-going stretching exercises (like Yoga and Pilates practices) help keep your muscles limber, flexible, and relaxed. This helps your body better handle and deal with stress and strain, and also helps you release any tension that has built-up in your back.


In addition to the above health tips and treatments for back pain relief, it’s helpful to consider getting an ergonomically-designed chair (for tasking) and an adjustable stand-up desk. These investments can help prevent back pain from occurring (due to long hours spent on the computer), and thereby benefit you by keeping your back in proper alignment, which keeps you feeling strong and pain-free.

Whenever you have back pain, it’s wise to visit a medical professional for further evaluation and to assist you to determine the best plan of action to eradicate pain and treat the source of the problem.

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[Disclaimer: This post is for information purposes only. Consult with a Doctor before starting any health or exercise regimen. Image Credit: Shutterstock. Affiliate links.]

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