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3 Diet & Fitness Experts Share 9 Easy Ways To Burn Calories and Blast Fat

To help you get in the best shape of your life, featured in today’s health guide are 3 diet and fitness experts from Southern California, and their top 9 tips for easy ways to burn calories and blast fat. Whether your goal this year is to lose 10 lbs. or to simply tone-up, these must-read tips will help you stay on track with your diet and fitness goals.

9 Easy Ways To Burn Calories and Blast Fat

Samantha Clayton, a former Olympian sprinter and currently the Sr. Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife (a global nutrition company located in Los Angeles), believes that the best ways to burn calories and blast fat is to incorporate at least short bursts of exercise into your daily schedule. Below are 3 of her tips on easy ways to squeeze a short workout into your busy day.

1. BE COMMITTED: “If your goal is simply to lose weight or improve you overall fitness level, 30 minutes may be all you need. Striving to achieve the minimum recommended amount of activity is important for everyone. When you think about it, 30 minutes is a relatively short time commitment and an achievable goal for most people. I believe that although a workout time of 30 minutes is adequate for achieving the health benefits associated with exercise, you should attempt to schedule a longer workout.”

2. SQUEEZE IN A WORKOUT: If you’re short on time, and “only have 20 minutes to squeeze in a workout, try to do 10 minutes of cardio. This can be a mix of jumping rope, burpees, jumping jacks and high knees running. Spend another 10 minutes focused on functional, strength-based exercises, such as squats, lunges, pushups and planks. If you work at a high intensity and take short active rest periods, 20 minutes can feel like an hour.”

3. STRENGTH-TRAIN: To burn calories, “perform body weight resistance exercises such as simple squats, lunges, push-ups and then progress to using weights. If you’re able, do squats or other exercises that involve using the large muscle groups, such as legs and glutes. You can hold onto your chair and try squats or leg lifts, or you can sit at your desk, squeeze your glutes and kick your leg out for a quad extension. Walking around the office or using your lunch break to do a 20-minute fitness routine would be a great way to keep from being sedentary.”

Minna and David Herskowitz, a Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife team of fitness trainers and nutrition specialists, and the owners of the unique indoor sand-training gyms, Sandbox Fitness, find that a combination of diet and exercise is the time-proven way to burn calories and blast fat. They share with us their expert advice on easy ways to get a good workout in, while burning more calories.

4. DO A QUICK HIIT: “Every time you do a chore think of it as a mini workout. When you clean, get into workout clothes and try to break a sweat. When you’re walking up the stairs with groceries, start curling those bags to give your biceps a quick workout. Do a 15 minute High Intensity Interval (HIIT) workout, or a few sprints up and down your block. It is shocking how many calories are burned from a short duration HIIT workout. If you can’t make it to they gym, that’s okay. A 15 minute HIIT workout or breaking a sweat doing those chores is just as good.”

5. JUST HAVE FUN: “Local fitness classes are also a great way to stay in shape on a tight schedule. Find some sort of class that is fun and you don’t think of as exercise. In the past decade the fitness industry has doubled in size with thousands of new workouts. There is a workout for everyone you just need to find what sparks your interest.”

6. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT: “One key to staying fit is to note how many calories you are taking in versus how many calories you are expending. If you burn off more calories than you ate that day, you will lose weight.”

Patrick Williams, a fat loss expert for over 10 years, is also a Behavior Change Specialist and the owner of Fuel Rx Fitness in Sherman Oaks, CA. Below are three of his ultimate tips for 3 ways stick with your diet and fitness goals, to help you burn calories and get in great shape.

7. START YOUR DAY RIGHT: “Make it a habit to eat breakfast and take your supplements first thing in the morning. Doing this accomplishes two things 1. You ensure that your fitness goals are at the forefront of your mind because you’re busy and have other things to worry about. 2. You give your metabolism a jump start and set up your eating schedule.”

8. FIND A WORKOUT BUDDY: “Let someone hold you accountable to your workouts. Whether this is a friend, trainer, or frenemy doesn’t really matter. Knowing that another individual’s schedule depends on you making your workout almost guarantees that you’ll show up.”

9. ENVISION SUCCESS: “One of the most crucial things you can do is create an ultra-vivid picture of exactly how you’re going to look and focus on how it makes you feel! This goes such a long way in determining whether you will stick with it or not.”

Whether you burn calories through increased daily exercise (even at short bursts throughout the day), or you incorporate high intensity interval training into your workouts, the above 9 tips will help you stay on track with your fitness goals this year. For more tips on how to get in shape and lose weight, check out the diet & nutrition and fitness sections on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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