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With New Year’s Eve just a couple weeks away, we don’t have much time to get in shape before the big night. To help you look your best on NYE, today’s health and fitness guide shares leading fitness experts’ secrets to getting in shape before New Year’s Eve.

Secrets To Getting In Shape Before New Year’s Eve

From easy diet tips to simple exercise tricks (that you can fit into your daily schedule), here’s how you can whittle your waist and slim down in just a few weeks.

Fitness Experts' Secrets To Getting In Shape Before New Year's Eve

Sadie Lincoln is a renowned wellness expert, media personality and founder of barre3 fitness in Portland, Oregon. When it comes to eating the right types of foods that can help you lose weight before New Year’s Eve, Lincoln suggests that you “Eat more foods with fiber, healthy fat and healthy protein, such as almonds, fish oil, avocados and apples with peanut butter.” She also advises “against sugar late at night or early in the morning.”

Jay Cardiello is a globally-recognized fitness and nutrition expert, a personal trainer to celebrities, the founder of JCORE, and the Fitness Editor-at-Large of Shape. Relative to boosting your fitness and easily squeezing workout sessions into your daily routine, he recommends that you “Work out in bed when you wake up, because doing push-ups or planking on an unstable surface will train your body to fire up quickly. Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth or do squats to help build muscles and improve your balance. Dance while getting dressed, a way to burn 50 calories and boost your mood.”

Fitness Experts' Secrets To Getting In Shape Before New Year's Eve

Ashley Pitt is a San Francisco-based personal trainer, group fitness instructor and the writer behind popular healthy living blog, A Lady Goes West. To help you get in shape before New Year’s Eve, she says HIIT workouts are ideal. “As far as the most effective workouts? HIIT – high intensity interval training incorporating tough cardio moves combined with weights totally shocks your body and can be done in sessions about 20-30 minutes top. No need to spend an hour. When it comes to effective studio workouts, those that combining cardio and weights with heart-rate monitoring, because you get a little bit of everything in one class and can monitor how hard you are working for certain amounts of time.”

Los Angeles-based celebrity trainer Danny Musico (who has worked with Jessica Simpson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Demi Moore) trains with his proprietary HDT (High Definition Training) method at his ABH Gym in Beverly Hills, California. To help you get in shape before New Year’s Eve, Musico offers a few suggestions about easy diet changes that make a big difference. He says, “Eliminate coffee, sports drinks and soda: It’s no surprise that liquid calories are one of the simplest places to trim and lose weight/reduce toxins, but studies show that drinking a single can of diet soda each day can increase your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.” He also recommends that you “cut down your first plate: If you’re at a party or eating buffet style, it can be very tempting to overeat. One of the easiest things to do is to tell yourself that you can always go back to the buffet line for seconds, but start with a small plate. Chances are that you won’t need a second plate.”

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[Image credits: Pixabay and Pexels. Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only. Consult with a nutritionist or Doctor before starting any health or exercise program.]

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