Whether you’re an active person who has a demanding schedule, or you have a 9-to-5 job that requires you to use the computer all day long, it’s not uncommon to experience back pain. Back pain can keep you from enjoying your life to the fullest and being as productive as you could be. Fortunately, there are natural treatments Continue Reading
Leading a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle has not only been proven to help you live longer, it also makes you look and feel better everyday. Here at Inspirations & Celebrations, we frequently talk about the benefits of eating a nutrient-rich diet (filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, etc.); but there’s Continue Reading
While the best weight loss plans include an overall diet and fitness regime that you maintain over a long period of time, the truth is, most people want to learn how to lose weight fast. If you have an upcoming special event or vacation, and want to lose weight fast, the key is to find […]
As we talk about the aging process, a few subjects seem to keep popping up repeatedly. An increased loss of mental focus and lowered vitality, noticeably more wrinkled skin and dry, damaged hair, signs of fatigue and lack of energy, and weaker overall physical strength. While it’s a given that we’ll all age, there are […]
We’ve all experienced those uncomfortable early symptoms of the common cold; a scratchy throat, a sniffly nose, and lower vitality. But the common cold can not only be minimized, it can actually be avoided for the most part. With proper health, nutrition, and lifestyle balancing techniques, you can keep your immune system operating Continue Reading
To look and feel great, you have to take care of the inside of your body, as well as the outside. Feeling fabulous starts with being healthy; and the key to boosting your health is to eating highly nutritious foods. This doesn’t mean eliminating everything from your diet that tastes delicious – it just means […]
This post brought to you by Dr. Tara Andresen – ND. All opinions are 100% mine. More people are learning that natural health care treatments are a viable alternative to traditional medicine. If you are seeking a natural, non-invasive remedy to a chronic health problem (such as skin problems, irregular menstrual cycles, Continue Reading
Short of downing a shot of espresso, there are a number of (healthier) ways to boost your energy. Whether you need a jolt to wake you up in the morning, had a late night (but still want to look and feel rejuvenated), or are seeking a quick pick-me-up to get you through a long day […]