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From strengthening exercises and stretching techniques to herbal pain relief supplements, today’s health & wellness guide shares easy and effective ways to help you relieve lower back pain. In collaboration with Curamin® Stop Pain today we’ll show you how to minimize tension in your lower back, strengthen your core (to make daily tasks easier), and gain more flexibility in your body.

Having dealt with chronic lower back pain for years, I’ve done everything from Chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massage treatments, and physical therapy, to acupuncture, Epsom Salt baths, and OTC pain relief medication. What I’ve learned is that a few of the keys to relieving lower back pain combine strengthening exercises (that work your core region), as well as stretching (both the back and hamstrings). In addition, herbal diet supplements can be useful in to help minimize lower back pain, without becoming addictive.

Ways To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Whether you work a 9-to-5 desk job and sit in front of a computer, or you’re busy lifting your kids and doing tasks around your home, strain on your lower back often results in chronic aches and pain. 

In addition, what most people don’t realize is that the whole body is interconnected. That means, lower back pain often occurs when the core (ab and oblique muscles) are weak, or when the hamstrings are tight. 

Short of taking a trip to the Chiropractor or Massage Therapist, there are at-home (or in-the-gym) moves you can do to help you increase flexibility, strengthen your body, and relieve lower back pain. In addition, safe and effective herbal supplements such as Curamin® can help you increase your overall sense of well-being, while helping to relieve pain in your lower back.

Easy and Effective Ways To Help Relieve Lower Back Pain - Stability Ball Backbend

Stability Ball Backbend: To gently release the tension in your back and give you body a good stretch, using a large Stability Ball, sit on the ball and roll backwards, placing the curve of your spine on the center of the ball. Take deep breaths and allow your body to sink into the ball, letting gravity do its job. Keep your legs bent at a 90° angle, hip-width apart, while allowing your arms to float above your head. Do this for 1-2 minutes. This is a great warm-up stretch to slowly release tension and relax your muscles.

Easy and Effective Ways To Help Relieve Lower Back Pain - Planking Core Exercise

Plank Core Exercises: To help relieve lower back pain, take the strain off your back by balancing it with a strong core. To help you strengthen your abs and obliques, the Plank Core Exercise is great for building core strength. Start by lying face-down on a rubber mat. Prop your elbows and arms out in front of you, at a 90° angle, putting your hands together. Lift your body off the ground, making sure to keep your back in a straight line with your hips. Hold this pose (while doing deep breathing) for at least 30-60 seconds. 

Easy and Effective Ways To Help Relieve Lower Back Pain - Pilates 100 Core Exercise

Pilates 100: Similar to a traditional sit-up, this exercise works on building core strength. Instead of doing a traditional sit-up, lie with your back on the mat and your knees at an angle. Place your arms directly at your sides, straightening your arms, with your hands out. Bring your head up (without straining your neck), while focusing on tightening your abs. Then start bouncing your hands up and down (pretending you have resistance below your hands). Do this for 100 reps.

Easy and Effective Ways To Help Relieve Lower Back Pain - Cobra Pose Stretch

Cobra Pose: This Yoga pose will help you release tension in your lower back and relax your chest muscles. Start by lying face-down on the mat. Keep your legs together and prop your hands out in front of your body, keeping your arms at your sides. Then lift your chest up. Do deep breathing while you remain in this pose for 30-60 seconds. 

Easy and Effective Ways To Help Relieve Lower Back Pain - Childs Pose Stretch

Child’s Pose: This traditional Yoga pose releases tension in the lower back and gives you a deep stretch in your shoulders and upper body. Sit on your knees and simply place your hands out in front of your body. Bend over and relax your head, upper body, and back. Allow yourself to stay in this pose for as long as it feels comfortable.

Easy and Effective Ways To Help Relieve Lower Back Pain - Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring Stretch with Exercise Band: Since tight hamstring muscles pull on your lower back, it often results in lower back pain. To alleviate the pain and make you more limber, lie on your back on the mat. Start with both knees bent at an angle, raising one leg up to the ceiling (keeping your knee lightly bent). Using a rubber exercise band, place one part of the band on the sole of your foot, while holding on to the other side of the band with your hands (to create tension). Pull the band gently, which will help you get a deeper hamstring stretch. Hold this pose for 10-seconds, before switching to the other leg. 

Easy and Effective Ways To Help Relieve Lower Back Pain - Cuarmin Extra Strength Pain Relief

After you’ve spent time doing strengthening exercises and stretches, using an herbal diet supplement (like Curamin®) intended to alleviate chronic pain can help you feel relief, while continuing with these physical regimens. This effective product has provided life-changing benefits to thousands of customers world-wide. This safe, non-addictive herbal formula contains natural ingredients that help relieve pain.

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