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Whether you’ve been feeling tense, stressed or even frazzled, sometimes you just need self-care and to do some stretches. To help you unwind during the holidays, I&C Fitness Contributor, Jacqueline Hinton  (a Los Angeles based Pilates instructor and the CEO of the Pilates lifestyle brand Good Citizen) shares 5 stretches to help you relax and relieve […]
This quarantine time period has challenged us all to rethink our daily habits. Along with this, we’ve had to become resourceful and open to trying new things, especially in regards to our fitness routines. While many of us have previously relied on fitness classes or gym workouts, that’s not currently an option. Fortunately, there are […]Continue Reading
Whether you’re planning a girls getaway to the desert, a fun-filled adventure with the family, or a romantic overnight in the mountains with your beau, today’s travel guide shares tips on how to go camping (in style). When it comes to camping, I’ll admit that I’m no expert (as I usually vacation at luxury resorts […]Continue Reading