While it’d be wonderful to live a blissful, stress-free life everyday, that’s more idealistic than realistic. From handling responsibilities and tackling to-do lists to dealing with unexpected situations that spike our anxiety levels, learning how to reduce stress is the most important step we can take to managing our health and wellness. To help you stay level-headed and clear-minded, today’s wellness guide shares 5 simple ways to reduce stress in your daily life.

How To Reduce Stress in Your Daily Life

 Wellness Guide - 5 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress in Your Daily Life - Meditatio


We’ve often heard that daily meditation not only helps to reduce stress, it also boosts creativity, helps us stay healthier (as it lowers anxiety in our bodies), and enables us to make wiser decisions (since we’re more clear-headed). But meditating is sometimes more difficult than it sounds. Since our brains were wired to constantly be churning out thoughts, it often feels like we have internal chatter that won’t ever quiet down. That’s why a daily meditation practice can help you clear your mind and get centered. Whether you use a guided meditation app (like Calm or Headspace), or just close your eyes and do deep breathing for 10 minutes, meditation can help you reduce stress.

Wellness Guide - 5 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress in Your Daily Life - Nature

Spend Time in Nature

Whether you enjoy hiking or mountain biking, spending time in nature (even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day) can help reduce stress. Breathing fresh air, taking in your surroundings, and getting connected with nature helps you get centered and feel less anxiety and tension. If you live in a city, just heading to a nearby park can help you relax and feel more peaceful.

Wellness Guide - 5 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress in Your Daily Life - Productivity

Get Organized

One of the most common stress-inducers is work. From urgent deadlines to a mounting pile of paperwork, getting organized helps you reduce stress at work, while enabling you to be more productive. Take a few extra minutes each morning to come up with a to-do list that day, prioritizing the important projects first. This will help you feel more capable and on top of your job, resulting in less stress and worry.

Wellness Guide - 5 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress in Your Daily Life - Sleep

Get Enough Sleep

While some people pride themselves on getting by with just a few hours of shut-eye, studies have proven that a deep sleep (for 7 or 8 hours) is essential for our bodies and minds. Not only is sleep a restorative time for our bodies (to heal and produce healthy cells), it’s also one of the easiest ways to reduce stress and feel more energized naturally. At least 30 minutes before bed, turn-off all cell phones, computers, and televisions (as these are stimulating for the brain). Create a daily bedtime ritual that lulls you off to sleep. That could include turning on soft music before bed, reading a relaxing book, or simply doing deep-breathing before bed.

Wellness Guide - 5 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress in Your Daily Life - Yoga or Stretching

Do Yoga or Stretching

Since our bodies often react to our emotional states, we frequently feel back tension or tight muscles. To alleviate physical stress, doing daily yoga or stretching exercises not only helps our bodies feel better, it also helps to reduce stress in our minds as well. Our focused attention on stretching (combined with deep breathing) brings about a sense of peace and total wellness that boosts our emotional state and relaxes our bodies.

By adding these 5 simple steps in your daily routine, you can easily reduce stress and lower anxiety. 


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