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Fun Things To Do On Mother's Day - Activities Crafts Ideas

From athletic activities to DIY crafts, and relaxing spa treatments to home & garden projects, here are 8 fun things to do on Mother’s Day as a family.

Instead of heading to a traditional Sunday brunch to celebrate Mother’s Day, why not change things up this year by doing something unique and different?! Whether your family prefers to get physical and go outdoors, or stay inside and spend quality bonding time together, there are a number of fun things to do on Mother’s Day that Moms of all ages will love.

Fun Things To Do On Mother’s Day


If your family loves nothing more than spending time outdoors, why not hop on your bicycles and go for a spin around your neighborhood this Mother’s Day? Not only will you get your daily dose of physical activity in, the act of bicycling always seems to bring out the kid in all of ages, no matter how old we are.

Another fun physical activity that you can do on Mother’s Day (that doesn’t cost a dime) is hiking. Make it a fun day by trekking in and exploring the Great Outdoors with your family. Take time along your hike to notice the natural environment, including wild flowers, animals, and the beautiful terrain.


For more stay-at-home types, DIY crafts are always fun things to do on Mother’s Day. From wreath making to creating DIY succulent terrariums that can last for years (reminding you of the wonderful Mother’s Day you had), craft projects are an enjoyable and easy activity for families (especially with younger children) to participate in.


Since moms are often referred to as the “heart of the family”, why not work on some leisurely home & garden projects this Mother’s Day? From planting an herb garden to floral arranging and even cooking healthy meals together and sharing family recipes, home & garden projects are a great way to bond with each other while doing fun activities together.


Last, but certainly not least, are beauty treatments. Every mom deserves to look and feel beautiful. This Mother’s Day, consider rounding up the women in your family to head to a local Spa for a day of beauty. From relaxing massages to anti-aging facials, beauty treatments are always one of the most delightful things to do on Mother’s Day.

No matter how you spend Mother’s Day this year, just remember to have fun, show your love and appreciation, and enjoy quality time with your family. Happy Mother’s Day!

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