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The Major Differences Between A Modern and Traditional Kitchen

When observing the kitchen world, you will notice a huge variation on theme, style and color. Whether you prefer a traditional design or those that have a more modern flair, we discuss the basic differences in kitchen style, so you can make the correct choice for your lifestyle. Whatever the style of your house, there is the perfect kitchen out there for you.

Modern vs. Traditional Kitchen

Traditional and modern kitchens are very different from each other. Traditional is a theme that never goes out of style; it is homey and warm, with a distinct touch of cosiness. It can add the timeless ambience of a countryside cottage to any home. On the other hand, modern kitchens are chic and trendy, and are really suited to those that want their kitchen to be a real work of art. Efficient and fashionable, the modern style makes use of sharp, straight lines and block shapes, as opposed to the curves and organic shapes that are common within the traditional kitchen.

What are the Design Differences?

The traditional kitchen uses a lot of real wooden finishes, with pale colors that coordinate and run throughout the space. Cream and grey hues are popular choices, coupled with stone back splashes and classic patterns are also common in a traditional kitchen. The cooker is of course the centerpiece, with an abundance of cupboard space for storing all the kitchen utensils with ease. This kind of kitchen is always popular and for good reason, traditional style kitchens never seem to go out of fashion.

A modern kitchen on the other hand is essentially simple yet effective, with smart appliances and handless appliances, to give a tidy and sleek look. Where the traditional kitchen might have wood finish, the modern kitchen would not. There would be a lack of paneled doors or open shelving that would usually appear in the traditional style, to house all the appliances that are needed during cooking. A modern theme would be much more about utilizing the space, everything has a place within the storage cupboards.

Both kitchens can come in similar colors, from pale hues to darker, more striking designs. A modern kitchen’s color scheme is always precisely picked to be as striking as possible. No complex patterns make an appearance like in the traditional kitchen, especially those that are traditional or floral. Modern kitchens are synonymous with style and panache; they can be true works of art.

Kitchen Awareness

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is one of the most used rooms and the family often end up spending a lot of time in there, so picking a style to compliment the rest of the decor is a wise suggestion. The perfect kitchen can generate an ambience for the whole house and will create memories that last a lifetime.

Renovating a kitchen to suit the needs of those in the home can send property value soaring. It is an issue that many people tackle, because realtors really do see the value of making the kitchen attractive; in fact in a recent survey found that 50% of potential buyers would be swayed to purchase a property if they loved the kitchen. The perfect design can help sell the house faster and for a better price. When it comes to modernization in the home, kitchen remodeling is never a mistake.

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