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Office Design Ideas - Interior Inspirations
A beautifully-decorated, well-organized office space is the ideal environment to inspire creativity, catalyze productivity, and help you generate success. Featured in this edition of Interior Inspirations are different Office Design Ideas, ranging from timeless, traditional looks to bold, modern decor.

Traditional Office Design Ideas

An especially popular look for home office environments is a traditional office design. Whether you prefer a pastel-colored, shabby chic look or an earth-toned, library-inspired work space, traditional office designs create a warm, inviting space for you to task in.

Traditional offices feature wood desks and cabinetry, luxurious seating (like leather executive chairs or upholstered sofas), cozy carpeting, and elegantly appointed accent pieces. For a more masculine look, opt for a deep, rich color theme (like olive green, mahogany, tan, and brick red).  To inject some life (and vibrancy) into the room, add indoor plants. Classic patterns (for window coverings) include plaids and stripes.

For the more feminine, shabby chic office space, stick with a soft color palette (whites and pastels). These spaces often times include painted wood furniture, ceramic containers (for fresh flowers and desk accessories), and framed artwork. Floral prints and vintage accessories add a charming touch to this type of office as well.

Modern Office Design

Modern Office Design Ideas

If you enjoy working in a clean, contemporary environment, a modern office design is for you. Frequently found in startup businesses and newly-constructed city buildings, modern office designs are both functional and playful simultaneously.

Modern office spaces infuse bold, vibrant colored accessories with simple (nearly sterile-looking) furnishings. Often created out of man-made materials (like resin and metal), modern office furniture is sleek, streamlined, and designed to conserve on space. Since many of the contemporary desk and cabinet designs are created in neutral colors (like white, putty, and gray), these spaces frequently are injected with shots of dynamic colors and high-shine metallics (through desk accessories, artwork, and lighting).


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