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Interior Inspirations: Country Home Decor

When deciding on a home decor theme, not only does it make sense to decorate the interior in a manner that visually coordinates with the exterior of the property, it’s also important to choose a style that suits your personal taste. If you love contemporary structures and sleek finishes, go with a modern look. But, if you love shopping for vintage pieces and enjoy the feeling of a warm and inviting house, opting for a rustic, country inspired look is a great choice. This edition of Interior Inspirations shares ideas about how to incorporate country home decor into your existing space.
Whether you go all-out and deck your house with everything western inspired, or just add a few novel accessories, this is an easy interior decorating style to work with. The things to look for are weathered-looking and nature-inspired pieces (from traditional wood furniture to rustic copper and metal accessories) as well as cozy wool comforters and rugs and animal-themed artwork.
Below are several examples of furniture, lighting, and accessories that perfectly work within a country home decor theme.

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  1. Vera Vargas Mora says:

    Hola mi nombre es Vera y me encanta la decoración contry ,
    yo vivo en Costa Rica en las montañas y quisiera decorar mi casa
    asi en ese estilo que me aconsejan?? muchas gracias…

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