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Designers have a vision that many of us are not blessed with. That’s why they are in such great demand all over the world by the rich and famous. The talent they possess is something that they are born with, and it can only be learned to a degree.

21st Century Modern Dining Room

Their greatest designs are often ultra modern rooms in expensive houses. Some may find these designs cold and clinical while others aspire to achieve the design beauty in their own homes.

21st Century Modern Dining Room

Featured here are techniques anyone can use to create a 21st century modern dining room in their own homes. Some elements of the project may prove expensive and others less so. The design can certainly be adapted to suit any budget, so take what you learn here and adapt it to suit yourself.

The Room

It is obvious in any contemporary design that the walls are usually a plain white, beige, or other neutral color. Not only that, but the walls are in very good condition too. If the walls in your room are bumpy or cracked, it is essential that a professional smooths them over with some finishing plaster. This process is known as skimming the walls. The result is stunning and it makes the room look new again.

The walls are best painted with silk emulsion. The neutral color will serve as a perfect backdrop for a few choice pieces of wall art.

Flooring Material

The floor can be surfaced with either tiles, laminated boards, or real wood. A tiled floor will be cold to stand on in the winter and, unless you willing to spend money on underfloor heating, is best avoided. Wooden or laminate flooring are much more suited to the dining room. They are easy to clean and warm underfoot. You will find them in a vast range of designs, shades, and prices. Often a floor can be laid for under one hundred pounds if the budget is small.


Without a doubt, it is the furniture that gives the room the contemporary look that you are trying to create. The furniture can be constructed from traditional timber, crafted into modern pieces, polycarbonate, or a myriad of materials that were once reserved for commercial purposes. There are excellent examples of clear dining chairs here, which demonstrate perfectly where modern design is heading.

Lighting Techniques

Recessed LED ceiling lights are the latest thing in room lighting. The bulbs last a very long time and use little energy. Perhaps over the modern dining room table, however, a feature light is in order. A single light with a modern shade, a saucer shape, for example, will suit the modern design. Browse the internet and you will find thousands to choose from.

Keep it Tidy

One theme that runs through all modern design is the lack of clutter, and this is true for this design too. Have nothing on show that isn’t a part of the overall design. A place for everything and everything in it’s place, as the saying goes.


As you can see in the image, modern designs make good use of sculpture. The statues and ornaments often look like they originated from some fantasy world. One or two pieces will look stunning in the overall design.

If all of these elements are combined, anyone can create a modern dining room. Most of the ideas have been borrowed from the minds of the great and put to good use. That’s just the way fashion works though so don’t feel guilty.

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