Bachelorette Party Ideas - Entertaining Guide

A Bachelorette Party is a fun and fabulous way to celebrate the bride’s last days as a ‘single’ gal. Contrary to popular belief, a Bachelorette Party doesn’t have to be a wild night, filled with excessive alcohol consumption and total debauchery. A Bachelorette Party can be a classy and tasteful event (making it ideal for snapping lots of photos), while still being a place that your party guests can have fun and celebrate the bride’s upcoming special day.

Featured in this Entertaining Guide are classy Bachelorette Party Ideas that make the special occasion an enjoyable and memorable experience for both the bride and her guests.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Wine Tasting

If your bride enjoys epicurean delights, like wine tasting and sipping on some bubbly, host her Bachelorette Party at a winery. A wine tasting gives your bachelorette party guests the opportunity to mix and mingle in a beautiful atmosphere, while learning the art of wine-making (and tasting an array of flavorful wines).

A fun game to play during a wine tasting party is a blind tasting – each guest is blind-folded while tasting different wines, and asked to guess what type of varietal it is. The winner (who guesses all the wine types correctly) can win a prize, like a gift basket filled with wine and other delectable goodies.

As party favors, a useful and affordable gift to provide the bachelorette party guests are love-themed wine bottle stoppers (featuring a heart shape top or the word ‘love’).

Music Festival

When the bride-to-be is a major music aficionado, consider hosting her Bachelorette Party at a concert or music festival. Since live entertainment is the activity du jour, it makes your role (as the party host) rather easy. If the music festival venue offers outdoor lawn seating, bring a blanket and picnic basket (filled with tasty treats) to make the Bachelorette Party a comfortable and relaxing place to enjoy live music with friends. An appropriate party favor to give the Bachelorette Party guests is a CD (or iTunes Gift Card).

Spa Day

If the bride has been stressed over wedding planning details, her Bachelorette Party can be the perfect opportunity to help her relax. By hosting a Spa Day, you not only give the bride and her guests a chance to be pampered in style, you also take the pressure off yourself (as the party host), since the main activities are being taken care of by professionals.

The Spa Day Bachelorette Party should feature an assortment of fresh fruit, cheese & crackers, Champagne, and Tea. Since most spas already have soothing music playing in the background, the calming atmosphere is already create for you.

As a party favor idea, give the Bachelorette Party guests bedazzled rhinestone flip flops or at-home DIY Spa Kits, which reminds them to rest and relax during the days leading up to the wedding.


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