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How To Host A Tea Party
For centuries, ladies and gentlemen have been hosting tea parties as an elegant way to socialize during the afternoon, take part in an age-old tradition of sipping tea amongst friends, and dine on delectable treats. From macarons to cupcakes, and finger sandwiches to scones and jam, this fabulous Entertaining Guide will show you how to host a tea party that will have your guests raving long-after tea time.
Whether you’re hosting a tea party themed bridal shower, birthday party, or just want an reason for friends and family to gather together and enjoy the day, a tea party is a fantastic way to celebrate any special occasion.

How To Host A Tea Party


From traditional Earl Grey and Chamomile tea to the more exotic flavors of Jasmine Green Tea and Hibiscus tea, there’s no shortage of options for different types of tea that can be enjoyed at a tea party. In addition to being a flavorful, no-calorie beverage, this list shares the many health benefits of tea.

Rather than brew one type of tea for your tea party, it would be advisable to offer your guests a wider selection of tea options, so that they can choose which flavor they want to enjoy. This can easily be done by presenting different tea bags in a lovely decorated box.


Since ladylike behavior requires proper etiquette, finger foods are a must for a tea party. Miniature sandwiches, scones with jam, and tiny appetizers are the ideal bite-sized choices for tea party food. Anything that does not require the use of a utensil is highly suggested.


Macarons, cupcakes, shortbread, cakes, and sugar cookies are the perfect desserts to serve your guests at a tea party. Not only do these individual-sized desserts add brilliant color to your table, they also accompany tea in a splendid and delightful way.


To keep your tea party decor both stylish and sophisticated, stick with simple elegance. Vases filled with abundant fresh flowers (including tea roses, of course), fine china and gilded accessories, and beautiful linens are all you need to host an upscale and refined tea party.

Also, your tea cups and serving platters do not need to match. Mixing patterns and prints is a very acceptable way of decorating, as it adds novelty and visual interest to your tea party decor. Just make sure the colors coordinate well, so that it looks intentional.

Party Favors

If you are hosting a tea party as a special event (like a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party), a party favor is a great way to gift your guests with a memorable and enjoyable little treat. Customized tea cups (featuring your guests’ monogram or initials), custom tea bags, and even tea candles are adorable party favors to give.


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