Halloween Entertaining Ideas

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable and festive holidays of the year to entertain. From ghoulish goblins to spooky spiders, Halloween is a great opportunity to get creative and celebrate in style. With all the party decorations, props and decor items on the market, there’s no reason why your Halloween party can’t be a boo-tiful and spook-tacular celebration. Featured here are Halloween Entertaining Ideas, including food options, party decorations, and more.

Halloween Entertaining Ideas

Food & Beverages

If you are either hosting a Halloween dinner party for a small group of friends, or even a larger gathering for a bigger group of people, you’ll want to provide food that celebrates the theme of the holiday.

A perfect example of an easy-to-make food is Halloween Pasta, which is made in the shape of traditional Halloween symbols, like Jack-o-Lanterns and Bats. Fruit punch served in a punchbowl filled with dry ice makes for a eerily-interesting display on your buffet table, in addition to providing pre-made beverages for your guests (which makes your job as the hostess simpler, since it’s self-serve). For dessert, some of your best options are Cupcakes with Decal Toppings and Frosted Sugar Cookies, displayed on a Halloween themed tiered dessert stand.


From glow-in-the-dark skeleton balloons to tealight candle holders with bone-chilling vellum Halloween scenes for a haunting, late-night glow, there is an abundance of affordable and fabulous party decor items on the market. To embellish your dining table, create a spooky scene with creepy crawlers on a spider-web tablecloth.

Party Favors

When it’s time for your guests to leave the party, ask them if they dare to “Trick or Treat”. Provide your party guests with containers filled with an assortment of candy. Just because they might be grown-ups doesn’t mean they don’t still enjoy the same festivities that they did as kids.

Halloween Entertaining Ideas


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