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As we celebrate International Day of Happiness today, it’s a great reminder to all of us that we need to be mindful each day if we want to be happy. With so much negativity online and in the news, it’s easy to become a “Debbie Downer”. To help us stay positive and become a happier person, today’s personal growth guide shares expert tips and inspiring ideas on how to become happier. 

5 Inspiring Ways To Be Happier

Personal Growth Guide - 5 Inspiring Ways To Become a Happier Person

1. Start each day with 3 positive self-affirmations.

To help women feel their best (even during “that time of the month”), Pamprin recently launched the 21-days of Positivity Challenge. To encourage us to re-train our minds in just 21 days by focusing on self-care and personal well-being, one of their inspiring ideas was to do daily self-affirmations. They recommend doing 3 positive self-affirmations each morning.

“Attach your list to your mirror. Read them aloud every day. Add to the list every day. You can also start a journal that is exclusively used to write positive self-affirmations in. Become your own biggest cheerleader. Focus on your strengths, talents, and passions. What drives you? What makes you happy? What inspires you? What do you love about yourself (it could be physical, mental, etc.)? Write these down!”

When you need a little extra TLC during “that time of the month”, Pamprin can help you feel happier. Pamprin Multi-Symptom treats all menstrual symptoms: bloating, pain and cramps, and irritability – not just pain. To shop for Pamprin Multi-Symptom, head to Walmart.

Personal Growth Guide - 5 Inspiring Ways To Become a Happier Person

2. Set Manageable Goals

San Francisco-based relationship & happiness consultant Sara Plummer Barnard helps people get past their past and into their best selves, enjoying their best relationships and lives. To become a happier person, she suggests that you “Pick a small manageable goal that would make your life a little better and stick to your commitment. Nothing feels better than showing up for ourselves and doing what we say we are going to. It leads to confidence, happiness, and a replacement of fear with excitement.” 

3. Take “Me Time” Each Day

Kanesha Baynard, a Life Coach and Author from San Francisco, California suggests taking “me time” each day. She says, “Take a break every day. With the fast pace of our society and all the instant connection, it’s difficult to step back and take a breath. Schedule a 15-to-30 minute break to rest, unplug, and do absolutely nothing. Put this important meeting on your calendar and protect your time.”

If you’re into makeup, “me time” might mean getting inspired by a beauty tutorial or trend to try a new look. If you love reading, cozy up with a good book. No matter how you spend your “me time”, make sure that it’s doing something you love.

Personal Growth Guide - 5 Inspiring Ways to Become a Happier Person

4. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Stephanie J. Wong, Ph.D., a Licensed Clinical Psychologist from San Mateo, California recommends keeping a gratitude journal. She says, “Maintain a gratitude journal/log, which could be in a traditional paper journal, blog, or other social media outlets (If you are going to share your log online, please be aware that others will be reading it and to only share information that you are comfortable sharing with the world). The list can include small or big incidents and events, people, etc.” 

Personal Growth Guide - 5 Inspiring Ways To Become a Happier Person

5. Maintain Your Personal Hygiene

Wong continues by saying, “When we are oscillating towards feelings of sadness, we tend to lay in bed for more hours than not; not shower; watch television all day. When we are laying in bed or watching television all day, we are not activating our bodies and this can further contribute to sadness. A refreshing shower has a positive impact on your mood and day. Therefore, the internal and external go hand-and-hand.”

Personal hygiene extends beyond bathing and brushing your teeth. Maintaining a daily skin care, fitness, and wellness regimen help you look and feel better, which gives you a confidence boost. In addition, taking care of your physical well-being leads to an increased sense of happiness and self-esteem.

Personal Growth Guide - 5 Inspiring Ways To Become a Happier Person

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    • Christina-Lauren says:

      “Me time” is essential for our happiness. As women, we often feel the pressure to make everyone around us happy, by doing things for them and taking care of them. To re-energize and recharge, we need to take “me time”.

    • Christina-Lauren says:

      It makes a huge difference in our level of happiness. It’s definitely the “glass if half-full” mentality!

  1. This is a great post! I am really trying to work on setting more manageable goals for myself. I definitely can set some pretty unrealistic ones sometimes, which I can’t achieve and then feel super down about myself. Trying to rework my thinking.

    • Christina-Lauren says:

      Awesome to hear, Ivy! Everything starts with our thoughts. Thoughts lead to emotions, which lead to actions. Think of your mind as software inside a computer. You have to get rid of the bugs and make sure your programming is working properly if you want your computer to function correctly.

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