As one of the hottest Ballet-inspired workouts on the fitness scene right now, Barre is a fun and effective way to shape, tone, and sculpt the body. While most Barre classes are held inside studios, a lot of Barre exercises can be done virtually anywhere. To inspire your fitness journey, we’re excited to share a new “Barre on the Beach Series” with you.

In collaboration with our friend, Natalie McDaniel (a Barre instructor in Carmel, California), Inspirations & Celebrations recently started a new 5-part fitness tutorial series. In Part 1, we learned how to sculpt and tone the arms. Over the next few weeks, stay tuned as Natalie shares body-sculpting Barre exercises that you can do at home or on the beach!

Barre on the Beach Series - Booty-Sculpting Butt Exercises

Barre on the Beach – Part 2

Because we all want a firmer, more shapely backside, Part 2 shows us 5 booty-sculpting butt exercises that tone our derrières. Glute exercises not only help us look better, they also help us feel better too. When we strengthen our lower bodies, we also help alleviate lower back pain (caused by tension). Plus, our lower bodies burn more calories (as there are larger muscle groups in the legs and butt), so it behooves us to get those booty muscles working.

Note: You can use a mat or do the exercises directly on the sand (or floor). 

 Barre on the Beach Series - Booty-Sculpting Butt Exercises

Exercise 1:

Start by laying flat on your back, feet stacked directly below your knees. Let the elbows relax on the mat, with your hands lifting up towards the sky. Lift the hips up to their highest point, and move your butt up an inch and then down an inch, squeezing the glute muscles throughout the move. Repeat this move 30 times. 

Barre on the Beach Series - Booty-Sculpting Butt Exercises

Exercise 2:

In the same position, lift your heels off the floor, coming onto the balls of your feet. This time, taking a bigger range of motion, begin to lift your butt all the way off the floor (while tightening your glute muscles). Then lower your backside back down toward the mat – being careful not to allow the seat to rest on the floor. Repeat this move 30 times.

Barre on the Beach Series - Booty-Sculpting Butt Exercises

Exercise 3:

Stay laying on your back. Lift one leg straight off the floor, pointing your toes directly upward (above the hip) without bending the knee. Lift your butt up to its highest point (without over-extending). Start to pulse up and down, squeezing the glutes underneath you as you lift. Do this 30 times, then switch legs, and repeat the move again on both sides.

Barre on the Beach Series - Booty-Sculpting Butt Exercises

Exercise 4:

Flip over to kneel face down on the mat. Start by placing the hands directly below the shoulders with both knees on the mat. Lift one leg up off the mat with toes pointed backward, keeping it as straight as possible. To prevent your lower back from arching, tuck your pelvis in toward your chin. In a small range of motion, pulse the leg up an inch and down an inch, squeezing your butt muscles as you lift the leg. Do this move 30 times on each leg. 

Barre on the Beach Series - Booty-Sculpting Butt Exercises

Exercise 5:

Start again in the same kneeled position (looking down on the mat), with your hands directly underneath the shoulders. Bend one leg back, keeping your foot flexed. Slowly lift the leg up, then lower down, while you continue to tighten your glutes throughout the move. As you lift the leg, make sure to keep the pelvis tucked in toward the mat to protect the low back from arching. Complete 30 repetitions on each leg.

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Fitness Contributor: Natalie McDaniel

Contributor Natalie McDaniel

As a Dallas, Texas native, Natalie moved to Carmel, California after getting her degree in Communications from Texas State University. As a dancer her entire life, she began teaching Barre in 2014, and shortly after pursued certifications in TRX and Indoor Cycling. As a double certified Barre Instructor, Natalie believes it is the most effective workout for people of all ages because of its low impact, and modifiable exercises. She teaches over 12 fitness classes a week, Barre being the most popular. To find out where to take a class with Natalie on the Monterey Peninsula, follow her posts on Instagram at @lilnat2. As a fitness contributor to Inspirations & Celebrations, Natalie shares Barre exercises to sculpt, shape, and tone your figure.

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