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If you’ve ever dreamed of having a figure like Madonna, Kelly Ripa or Natalie Portman, then it’s time to raise the bar on your workouts by adding Barre exercises to your fitness regimen. Inspired by the muscle-toning moves that ballerinas do during rigorous training sessions, Barre exercises provide a full-body workout by focusing on strengthening, lengthening, and toning moves. As Shape magazine explains, “Ballet-inspired workouts are a great way to develop lean muscle mass while improving your balance, flexibility, and range of motion.” 

In collaboration with our friend, Natalie McDaniel (a Barre instructor in Carmel, California), Inspirations & Celebrations is excited to present a new 5-part fitness tutorial series called the “Barre on the Beach Series”. Over the next few weeks, stay tuned as Natalie shares body-sculpting Barre exercises that you can do at home, on the beach, or virtually anywhere!

Barre on the Beach Series - Arm Exercises

Barre on the Beach – Part 1

For chiseled arms, these Barre moves will help you tone up your limbs without getting bulky. Not only will you start to notice a visible improvement over time, you’ll also gain the added benefit of more easily being able to do everyday tasks (like lifting boxes or carrying bags). In Part 1, learn 5 Barre exercises that focus on biceps, triceps, and shoulders. 

NOTE: In these exercises, Natalie is shown using 3lb. dumbbells. Feel free to use heavier or lighter weights, depending on your preference and fitness level. If you don’t have dumbbells, you can substitute with a different type of weight (such as a bottle of water or wine).

Barre on the Beach Series - Arm Exercises
Exercise 1:

Start with the elbows lined up with your shoulders and your wrists in line with the elbows. Feet are stacked hip-width apart, holding your core tight. Start to pulse the elbows up an inch, and then down an inch. Do this 25 times.

Barre on the Beach Series - Arm Exercises

Exercise 2:

Feet stay in the same position stacked hip-width distance apart. Fully extend the arms in front of the shoulder. Start to lift the arms up an inch, and down an inch, holding the arms as straight as possible. Do this 25 times. 

Barre on the Beach Series - Arm Exercises
Exercise 3:

Keep the legs in the same position, with a small bend in the knees. Take the arms straight back as high as possible (without over-extending), slightly hinging your upper body forward at the hips. With palms facing towards each other, start to pulse the arms up an inch and down an inch, repeating 25 times.

Barre on the Beach Series - Arm Exercises
Exercise 4:

Position your legs in a wide stance, making sure the ankles line up directly below the knees. Shoulders should be stacked evenly over your hips, keeping a neutral spine. Begin to march the arms to shoulder height, switching arms 25 times. 

Barre on the Beach Series - Arm Exercises
Exercise 5:

In the same stance, flip the palms upward (toward the sky or ceiling), keeping a small bend in the elbows. Start to the reach the hands away from the body by moving them forward an inch (like you’re serving a tray), and then moving them back an inch. Repeat this move 25 times. 

How to follow the ‘Barre on the Beach’ Series

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For more exercise tips and tutorials from fitness experts and celebrity trainers, check out the Fitness section on Inspirations & Celebrations. Be well and stay inspired on your fitness journey!

Fitness Contributor: Natalie McDaniel

Contributor Natalie McDaniel

As a Dallas, Texas native, Natalie moved to Carmel, California after getting her degree in Communications from Texas State University. As a dancer her entire life, she began teaching Barre in 2014, and shortly after pursued certifications in TRX and Indoor Cycling. As a double certified Barre Instructor, Natalie believes it is the most effective workout for people of all ages because of its low impact, and modifiable exercises. She teaches over 12 fitness classes a week, Barre being the most popular. To find out where to take a class with Natalie on the Monterey Peninsula, follow her posts on Instagram at @lilnat2. As a fitness contributor to Inspirations & Celebrations, Natalie shares Barre exercises to sculpt, shape, and tone your figure.

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