Barre exercises are quickly becoming one of the best ways to get in shape, especially if we want a long, lean figure. Not only do Barre exercises help sculpt, lengthen, and tone up our muscles, they help us create a svelte, powerful and feminine physique. Barre exercises combine a mix of ballet-inspired moves, small range-of-motion movements, and isometric strength-training exercises for a full-body fitness regime that burns fat and develops muscles. While most Barre classes are taught inside studios, many Barre exercises can be done virtually anywhere. To inspire your fitness journey, we encourage you to follow the “Barre on the Beach Series”.

In collaboration with our friend, Natalie McDaniel (a Barre instructor in Carmel, California), Inspirations & Celebrations recently started a new 5-part fitness tutorial series. In Part 1, she teaches us how to sculpt and tone the arms, Part 2 shows us 5 booty-sculpting moves, Part 3 focuses on firming our legs and thighs, and Part 4 helps us learn how to get a strong core. Follow along as Natalie shares fun Barre exercises you can do at home or on the beach!

Barre on the Beach Series - Full-Body Exercises

Barre on the Beach – Part 5

When you’re short on time but want to squeeze in a full-body workout, here are 5 Barre exercises that will work your body from head-to-toe. The best thing about Part 5 of the Barre on the Beach Series is that it only takes 10 minutes!

Barre on the Beach Series - Full-Body Exercises

Exercise 1:

Begin by sitting on the ground with your hands placed directly underneath your shoulders, fingertips facing forwards, and elbows bent (resembling a crab on the beach). Bring your ankles in line with your knees, and start by lifting your hips up off the ground. With your core tight and hips lifted, start to bend the elbows down and up, allowing the arms to bend back as much as possible without letting the seat touch the ground. Finish by letting the arms fully straighten. Complete 20 sets. 

Barre on the Beach Series - Full-Body Exercises

Exercise 2:

Lay flat on the ground with your hands at your side, and heels stacked below the knees. Lift your toes up off the ground, keeping all weight on your heels. With a tight core (ab muscles engaged), raise the hips up to their highest point. Start to lift the glutes up and down, squeezing the seat underneath you as you lift. Repeat this 25 times without allowing the glutes touch the ground. 

Barre on the Beach Series - Full-Body Exercises

Exercise 3:

Flipping over, place your hands below your shoulders, and keep one leg on the ground directly below the hip. Lift the other leg up keeping a pointed toe, and neutral spine. Not letting the neck hang, allow the lifted leg to fully straighten as much as possible. Start to pulse the leg up an inch, and down an inch squeezing into the glute as you lift the leg. Do this 25 times on both the right and left leg. 

Barre on the Beach Series - Full-Body Exercises

Exercise 4:

Come into a forearm plank position with feet stacked hip width, and elbows in line with the shoulders. Hands should be placed flat on the ground. Keeping the same neutral neck and spine, start to twist the hips side to side in a “C” formation while keeping the core tight. Complete 20 side-to-side twists. 

Barre on the Beach Series - Full-Body Exercises

Exercise 5:

Start in a sideline forearm plank position with the palm on the ground and elbow below the shoulder. Take the other hand behind the head. With on leg on the ground, bring the other knee up towards the elbow. Start to crunch elbow as close as you can towards the knee in a pulsing motion 20 times. When complete, flip over and repeat 20 sets on the other side. 

How to follow the ‘Barre on the Beach’ Series

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For more exercise tips and tutorials from fitness experts and celebrity trainers, check out the Fitness section on Inspirations & Celebrations. Be well and stay inspired on your fitness journey!

Fitness Contributor: Natalie McDaniel

Contributor Natalie McDaniel

As a Dallas, Texas native, Natalie moved to Carmel, California after getting her degree in Communications from Texas State University. As a dancer her entire life, she began teaching Barre in 2014, and shortly after pursued certifications in TRX and Indoor Cycling. As a double certified Barre Instructor, Natalie believes it is the most effective workout for people of all ages because of its low impact, and modifiable exercises. She teaches over 12 fitness classes a week, Barre being the most popular. To find out where to take a class with Natalie on the Monterey Peninsula, follow her posts on Instagram at @lilnat2. As a fitness contributor to Inspirations & Celebrations, Natalie shares Barre exercises to sculpt, shape, and tone your figure.

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