From getting all dressed-up and heading out to a fancy NYE party to getting cozy with your loved one (and a Champagne bottle) in front of a roaring fireplace at home, there are so many ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. To help you make the most of this momentous occasion and to wrap up the year in style, here are 10 fun ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

10 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

10 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

1. Be Grateful: While most people spend NYE dreaming about getting a fresh start in 2017, why not share gratitude for all the good tidings that 2016 brought you?! Spend time reflecting on all the good things that you’ve experienced over the past year, and share your gratitude with friends and family (either via social media or in person). Even if you faced some problems or challenges, there must have been a few great days or moments that stood out. Whether it was a surprise visit from a loved one or accomplishing a goal you’ve been working toward, being grateful for all the good things that the past year brought into your life will help you feel good about moving forward into the next year.

2. Host a Game Night: Nothing puts people in a good mood like playing a fun-filled game with friends. If you’re looking to have a relaxed, casual get-together at your home to celebrate New Year’s Eve, add a little humor to your evening with a hilarious game of Charades (or if you’re really daring – Cards Against Humanity). Not only is a game night a fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, it’s also great for acting as an ice-breaker for guests who don’t know each other.

3. Host a Champagne Tasting Party: While it’s traditional to pop bottles on New Year’s Eve and do a celebratory toast at midnight, why not break out the Champagne all-night long with a Champagne Tasting Party?! Offer guests a selection of different sparkling wines (including French Champagne, Spanish Cava, and Italian Prosecco), but keep the bottles hidden by putting a burlap bag around each bottle. Your party guests will taste the different wines throughout the evening, and make guesses about which types of sparkling wine they are. The guest who guesses the most wines correctly will win a prize.

10 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

4. Go Outdoors: Instead of starting your fitness resolutions on New Year’s Day, get a head start by going outdoors and getting active on New Year’s Eve. Grab a pal and go for a hike in the woods, a jog around the park, or even ice skating at a nearby rink. Getting fit and staying in shape should be a fun process, which keeps you motivated throughout the year. That’s why going outdoors is a great way to stick with your fitness resolutions, even before 2017 starts.

5. Get Organized: Well, it might not sound like fun, but getting organized can actually be a cathartic process (which makes you feel good). De-cluttering your home, organizing your belongings, and tidying up will help you enjoy New Year’s Day even more, since you’ll already be ahead of the game. Just a few hours spent on New Year’s Eve getting organized will help you wake up feeling refreshed and motivated to be productive when 2017 begins.

6. Take a Fitness Class: Whether it’s a cardio-boxing class or a SoulCycle session, taking a fitness class on New Year’s Eve not only will make you feel svelte and sexy that night, it will also give you a rush of endorphins, instantly putting you in a good mood and making you feel joyful.

10 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

7. Get a Makeover: Nothing makes you feel great like looking good. A new haircut, fresh color, or a makeup consultation can boost your sense of self and make you feel like a million bucks. In addition to looking your best, getting a makeover on  New Year’s Eve can have an immediate emotional impact, giving you a renewed outlook and excitement about the New Year.

8. Visit Family: Does your Mom wish you would call more? Would your young nephew love to spend more time playing with you? Surprise your family on New Year’s Eve by visiting them and making new memories that you’ll all cherish for years to come.

10 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

9. Commit To Yourself: Instead of writing New Year’s Resolutions, write a commitment to yourself. That means – write up a list of all the ways you promise to take care of, improve, and support yourself (emotionally, physically, and mentally) in the  New Year. Loving your life begins with loving yourself, and that requires a commitment to yourself.

10. Go Dancing: Put on those high-heeled shoes and get out on the dance floor! There’s no better excuse than New Year’s Eve to go dancing. Whether you prefer ballroom dancing with your loved one or night-clubbing at the hottest new venue, one of the most fun ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve is to get dressed up and go dancing.

No matter how you plan to spend New Year’s Eve, make sure to enjoy the last few hours of 2016 and get excited about all the wonderful experiences and opportunities that 2017 will bring. Cheers to a great NYE!

How do you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

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