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Similar to fashion and beauty, trends come and go. While some trends are just passing fads, others are worth investing in. To help you refresh and redecorate your home in the New Year, today’s home decorating guide shares expert tips and inspiring ideas from interior decorators and designers across the country. Plus, learn which home decorating trends will become the biggest hits in 2017.

Inspiring Ways To Refresh and Redecorate Your Home in the New Year - Case San Jose

Nicole Guilbert, an expert designer at Case Design/Remodeling San Jose says that “we’re seeing a trend towards creating calming spaces in the home.”

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Use Warm Neutrals

As featured in one of their firm’s designs (above), “People want their dose of zen without having to go too far. Grays are losing favor to taupes and tones that are a bit warmer and inviting. You can see this trend even with marble. Whereas before, clean whites were in style, now the trend is leaning towards creams with brownish veining.”

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Go Bold & Bright

Relative to 2017 home decor trends, Guilbert also predicts that “Colors will be nuanced this upcoming year, walking a fine line between tropical hues and jewel tones. Think… bright but composed. As for Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery, we’re seeing so many possibilities and personalities that can come to life.” She goes on to say that, “The opening up of Cuba has created a revived interest in the country’s aesthetic: bright colors that are bold without being abrasive and dynamic movement created through space and texture. We’re hoping to see more home murals, inspired by music and the arts.”

Inspiring Ways To Refresh and Redecorate Your Home in the New Year - JL Design

Jessica Davis, the Founder & Principal Interior Designer at JL Design in Nashville shares easy, inspiring ways to refresh and redecorate your home in the New Year.

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Change Lighting

As shown in Davis’ design (featured above), “Lighting can have a huge impact on a space. Take inventory of the ceiling lights and mix it up. If you have a small chandelier above your breakfast table and a large chandelier in your bedroom, try swapping them to play up scale. Maybe you paint or refinish one of those fixtures while its down.”

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Up-cycling

She goes on to say that “Up-cycling is a great way to update on a budget. Though it may look like trunk it could be used as a side table, ottoman or coffee table, or a bench, depending upon its size. Wood boxes and trunks can easily have an upholstered cushion or glass added to maximize its function. Small wood framed side chairs can also be used as side tables. Paint them a fun color, place a floor lamp close by, and allow the seat area to be a place to rest your coffee cup or book.”

When it comes to home decorating trend predictions for 2017, Davis envisions “geometrics” having a big movement, “especially geometric wallpapers”.

Inspiring Ways To Refresh and Redecorate Your Home in the New Year - Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors

Liz Toombs, C.I.D., President & Owner of Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors in Lexington, Kentucky shares her insights on simple ways to redecorate your home in the New Year, plus her predictions for 2017 home decor trends.

She says, “In my opinion, the shiplap craze is going to fizzle out soon. It will always be a great look for a true farmhouse, but people have incorporated it into homes of completely different styles and that will slow. Navy is still going strong, and other jewel tones like emerald green and eggplant will be prevalent. These colors offer depth and a richness that make a space feel cozy yet luxurious.”

When it comes to making changes in your space, she suggests the following updates:

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Move Furniture

“Pull furniture away from walls. When furniture is pushed back against the walls, it makes the space feel uninviting and disoriented. Floating furniture in the room allows you to have conversation groupings and give the space a more intimate feel.”

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Group Artwork

“Pictures and artwork are so much more impactful when clustered together on one wall versus spread out individually on every wall. There are so many ways to group things to create visual interest, and you can even use groupings to hide unsightly elements like a thermostat in the middle of the wall. Don’t be afraid to mix various sized
items together if it makes sense.”

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Add Trendy Accessories

“If you are in love with the chevron print that is currently so popular, you can buy some new throw pillows in that pattern and spruce up your sofa. The benefit of keeping trendy patterns and colors in your accessories is that you never invest too much money in those items and they are easy to change when you tire of them.”

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Refresh The Paint

“Changing the paint color of a room is the most inexpensive way to update it. A fresh color allows you to see your furnishings in a whole new way, as well. Don’t be afraid to try a new color, you just may fall in love with it.”

Inspiring Ways To Refresh and Redecorate Your Home in the New Year - TRC

Tina Ramchandani, the Principal of TRC (Tina Ramchandani Creative) in Manhattan, New York believes in creating bespoke spaces that infuse her global perspective with a warm aesthetic.

In 2017, she says that copper and bronze will be hot metals in home decorating. “Both metals are attractive and add a huge amount of personality to the space. They can be used in small doses like accessories or make a huge statement in a light or table. For paint colors on walls, furniture and art it’s all about Navy. Navy walls have been used in small doses since the beginning of time, but for 2017 it will be more of a go-to for the entire room. People are embracing deep, rich colors and Navy is a classic.” She also predicts the use of “Mixed materials – many of the new and trending furniture pieces are of mixed materials – wood + metal, marble and wood, glass and stone. These add excitement to a space in just one piece of furniture!”

To help you update your home in 2017, Ramchandani recommends the following small changes:

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Update Furniture

“Swap out small inexpensive pieces of furniture like your coffee table or a side table. Coffee tables are one of the most affordable pieces of furniture in the home, and they make a big impact. Updating accent tables can completely overall the look of a space with minimal effort.”

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Restyle Movable Bookshelves

“Restyling bookshelves can change the look of a space easily at zero cost. For an airy look, de-clutter the shelves, remove books, space out objects and allow each piece to speak for itself.”

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: De-Clutter

“Decluttering can make you feel great in the new year, and allow you to have a fresh start. It also has a huge impact on the home, as it allows it to feel fresh and new, at no cost!”

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Replace Lamps

“An easy thing to do is replace or move lamps in the home. Changing out something as small as a table lamps allows you to feel as though you’re in a new home with minimal effort.”

Inspiring Ways To Refresh and Redecorate Your Home in the New Year - Upstage Design

Robyn Navarro, Founder of Upstage Design, a home-staging and interior design firm in Southern California says, “We have always incorporated mixed metals into our installations – nothing precious or too cold – oxidized finishes with wear and soul rule the roost for fixtures. Mixing up a vintage table lamp that has a natural patina with a clean white Carrera countertop and live plants sets the scene every time- it is classic with a twist of interest.

Ways To Redecorate Your Home – Soft Color Palettes

In 2017, she predicts we’ll have a “Softer palette than last year – more understated, muted palettes with peaches, mauves, soft pinks and burnt oranges… think muted, washed out jewel tones. All of these colors add interest to any room, and bring in old world charm.”

“Organic and contemporary mixes that bring in a mix of traditional, and approachable – a found ottoman with good bones that has been re-upholstered with a vintage rug. Neutral walls allow one to saturate the room with current color trends and art with color and wow factor. Mixing up finishes and bringing in indoor trees and plants keep the room current and appealing.”

Ways To Redecorate Your Home: Closet Organization

Another tip to help you redecorate your home in the New Year, Robyn recommends installing Elfa Closet systems. She says, “Elfa closet systems are a great investment to maximize closet space and work areas- it is based on a horizontal bar that everything hangs off of and not only looks great, but gives a great solution for areas that are hard pressed for storage.”

For more redecorating tips and ideas, visit the Home Decorating section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

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[Images: Turquoise & Palm; c/o Case San Jose; c/o JL Design, photo by Alyssa Rosenheck Photography; c/o Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors; c/o Tina Ramchandi Creative, photo by Alan Barry; c/o Upstage Design.]



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