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New Year’s Eve means something different for everyone. Some folks prefer to stay in and keep things low-key, while others love to get dressed up for a New Year’s Eve party. If you’re in the mood to host a fun New Year’s Eve get-together at home this year, then I&C is here to help inspire you with these ideas.

From champagne tastings and bake-a-thons to games that will get your group laughing all night, here are 5 fun ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

Since New Year’s Eve is one of the best excuses to gather with friends and family, it’s the perfect opportunity to invite your favorite people over to celebrate. Don’t worry! Your NYE party doesn’t have to require lots of preparation or cost you a fortune to host. The truth is – you can make your New Year’s Eve celebration fun and enjoyable without having to go over-the-top.

The key to remember is, New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect on the past year and to look forward (with hope and enthusiasm) to the New Year ahead. For these reasons (and more), hosting a fun New Year’s Eve party at home is always a great way to celebrate with the people you care about.

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

Play a Fun Adult Game

Since games are not only a fabulous ice-breaker (for guests who don’t know each other well), they’re a great way to get your guests in the mood for fun. By hosting a game night on New Year’s Eve, you’ll not only put your guests at ease (since they won’t feel the social pressure to do “small chat” or get into heavy conversations), it’ll also ensure that all your guests have a truly fun time.

One of our favorite adult games to play at a party is Cards Against Humanity. This raucously funny (and politically-incorrect) game always gets crowds laughing. Plus, it’s interesting to see who has a naughty sense of humor, which makes it even more fun!

Other fun games include What Do You Meme? and What Are The Odds?. 

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

Host a Sparkling Wine Tasting

From Prosecco to Champagne, a sparkling wine tasting is always a fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Since sparkling wine is the traditional beverage of choice for toasting with on NYE, why not do a blind tasting?! This turns wine tasting into a game since your guests will have the chance to use their senses to figure out which bottle is which. Plus, you can turn up the heat on the competition (which makes it even more fun!) by having a prize (like a food & wine gift basket) as the reward for the person who has the most correct answers.

To host a sparkling wine tasting, shop for a variety of types (to include French Champagne, American Sparkling Wine, German Riesling, and Italian Prosecco). Conceal each bottle (either in a paper bag or in wrapping paper), so that guests can’t see the label, and put a numbered card in front of each bottle (# 1, # 2, etc.). Provide guests with a sheet of paper so they can write down their guess for each numbered bottle. After all the guests have tasted each sparkling wine, read the answers out loud. The person who answers the most correctly wins the prize. It’s that easy!

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

Watch a Holiday Movie

If you’re planning to go low-key this New Year’s Eve, make some popcorn, bust out the snacks, and plan to watch a holiday movie. From classic holiday films like It’s A Wonderful Life to contemporary Hollywood hits like New Year’s Eve, getting cozy on the couch while watching a fun holiday movie is a great way to celebrate at home.

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

Host a Potluck Dinner

One of the easiest ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home is by hosting a potluck dinner. Encourage your friends and family to whip up their favorite dishes for everyone to try. Not only does this minimize the time and cost for you (as the hostess), it also allows everyone to share one of their favorite recipes. From grandma’s prized potato salad to your BFF’s beloved lasagna recipe, a potluck dinner is a fun way to gather around the table on NYE.

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

Host a Bake-a-Thon

Since the holidays are the best time of year for baking up a storm, another fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve is by hosting a bake-a-thon. Invite friends and family over to make cupcakes, sugar cookies (or gingerbread houses, if kids will be present). Getting people together to join in on a fun group activity is always an enjoyable way to celebrate the holidays. Plus, it inspires them to use their creativity, which is especially fun for everyone.

If you’re planning on starting a diet or detox on New Year’s Day, no problem! You can always gift someone with your homemade treats, which they’ll surely love.

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Year's Eve

No matter how you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve, remember that it’s a special time to gather with the people you love and care for. Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year Year!

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