Did you know that Earth Day is considered the world’s largest environmental movement? Just in case you weren’t aware, the Earth Day Network encourages all of us to help sustain and protect the world through proactive efforts. They educate people on various ways to get involved, ranging from protecting endangered species and reforestation projects to developing green cities and reducing climate change.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up on Sunday, April 22nd now is a good time to start thinking about eco-friendly ways you can celebrate. Whether you plan to host an Earth Day party (complete with organic food and wine and recyclable or home-made party decorations), or you’re just keeping things low-key this year at home, here are a few eco-friendly things you can do to celebrate Earth Day.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Power-down Electronics & Be Productive

Ashlee Piper, a nationally-recognized Eco-Lifestyle Expert and the Editor of The Little Foxes, says, “For one solid day, power down all computers, phones, televisions, and other attention-sucking devices and focus on spending quality time with loved ones (or just yourself). Not only is this easier on the environment by cutting down on peripheral power use, but it also frees up time for you and yours to do an eco-friendly activity, like volunteering at an animal shelter, tending to your garden, setting up a compost system, or creating useful items from repurposed materials (like transforming an aluminum can, which would usually be tossed, into beautiful, gift-able candles with some VOC-free paint, soy wax, and essential oils, or a stylish holder for pens and makeup brushes).”

Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Do a Clothing Swap

Ashlee continues by suggesting that we do a clothing swap. “As we all move toward more minimalist, capsule wardrobes, few things are as fun or eco-friendly as sporting second-hand duds. Add some biodynamic wine, vegan appetizers, and killer tunes, and you have a party that’s both celebratory and practical. Extra bonuses? You save money, spend quality time with good people, and unsnapped items get donated to charities to find good homes with folks who really need ’em.”

Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Organize a Beach Clean-up

The Ocean Conservancy Organization recommends organizing a beach clean-up as a way to celebrate Earth Day. “Join the wave. Next time you’re headed out to the beach or a nearby park, download Ocean Conservancy’s app, Clean Swell and take along a trash bag to collect and document the debris you find. Feeling more ambitious? Recruit friends and family to join you in a larger cleanup. Explain to them that no matter where you live—whether on the coast or hundreds of miles inland—all waterways lead to the ocean. But if we take action and work together, we can improve the ocean’s health and make trash free seas a reality.”

To learn more eco-friendly ways you can celebrate Earth Day and help the environment, check out EarthDay.org.

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