Now that the most nerve-wracking, heated U.S. Presidential election has come to an end, people all across the world are left with mixed emotions, and are contemplating what the future of the country and the world will look like.

Since Trump got elected into office, half of Americans are frustrated, disappointed, and worried, while the other half are hopeful and optimistic of the changes that are imminent. Regardless of who you believe should have won the Presidency, now that we have reached this point, there’s only one thing to do – meditate.

5 Meditation Websites & Apps That Relieve Stress

To help you relieve stress, feel calm, and find inner peace, today’s self-help guide shares 5 meditation websites and apps that enable you to let go of worries and anxiety, find your composure, and charge yourself with positive energy.

The Guide To Relieving Stress - 5 Meditation Websites and Apps To Help You Feel Calm and Peaceful

1. Simple Habit is a meditation and mindfulness app that provides a wide range of 5-minute guided meditations, designed for busy people. Whether you’re just waking up and starting your day, or you’re stuck in traffic during your daily commute to work, these calming, guided meditations will help relieve stress and empower you. With users from 115 countries, this meditation app is quickly gaining recognition all across the world. This free app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

2. is a meditation website that enables you to do 2-minute, 10-minute, or 20-minute meditations, depending on your schedule and needs that day. The website walks you through a narrated meditation, guiding you through the de-stressing process. It also features a number of soothing visual backgrounds, such as a peaceful lake or calming waterfalls, which accompanies that meditation. In addition to offering a web-based version, is also available to download as an app.

The Guide To Relieving Stress - 5 Meditation Websites and Apps To Help You Feel Calm and Peaceful

3. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes sounds easier than it actually is. This simplistic meditation website serves one purpose – to set a clock for 2 minutes, making you be still and silent during the short time period. No more browsing Facebook, checking your Twitter feed, or reading news headlines. This 2-minute session is intended to help you relieve stress and mental clutter by encouraging you to fully immerse yourself in peace and stillness.

4. Headspace is a meditation website and app that was designed to help you live a more peaceful, joyful, calmer life. Their team promises to act as your “personal trainer, to help you train your mind”. Created by a Buddhist monk and clinical meditation trainer, Headspace helps you easily incorporate the practice of meditation into your daily regime. Learn meditation techniques and gain tips on how to eliminate stress and frustration from your mind.

5. Orin Meditation Room is a free meditation website created by Sanaya Roman, the author of several self-help and spiritual awareness books. The website provides both short (5-minute) and long (30-minute) guided meditations that are both soothing and inspiring. Set to a background of relaxing music, the meditations are easy-to-follow and encourage you to focus on your higher purpose. The site also enables you to download the free meditations onto your computer or smartphone, making them accessible anytime you need them.

The Guide To Relieving Stress - 5 Meditation Websites and Apps To Help You Feel Calm and Peaceful

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