When the world is in the palm of your hand (literally), being able to get things done faster, easier, and more effortlessly requires you to get smart – smartphone, that is. Whether you want to be more productive or organized, manage stress better, or just make life easier, apps can be your best friends. To help you manage your life (and work) with ease, here are 10 apps that make life easier and happier.

10 Apps That Make Life Easier & Happier

TechTalk - 10 Apps That Make Life Easier and Happier

  • CANVA: Create flyers, promotions, and visual imagery on-the-go. This easy-to-use app offers dozens of free templates that can be edited with text, graphics, and photos. Create Instagram images, Facebook promotions, flyers, and more. 
  • LIGHTROOM: From the creators of Adobe Photoshop, this app lets you quickly & easily edit photos (do color-correction, adjust lighting, increase clarity, etc.). You can also download presets, which are customized settings (that change the light, tone, and mood of each photo), making it easy to edit multiple photos faster.
  • DROPBOX: Store, organize, and share files, photos & videos, and documents online. You can sort files by name, date, or create folders. This secure, private online storage system also lets you share docs and folders with other people. Since you can upload large files, it helps you save space on your computer as it stores data digitally.
  • PREVIEW: Organize and plan ahead for posting images to Instagram. Great for creating a visually cohesive, eye-catching Instagram feed. It pulls in your existing photos in a gallery format and enables you to upload and move around images, prior to publishing. 
  • LATER: Pre-write and schedule Instagram posts to save time by doing batch-work. It will send you an alert at the date/time you set, making it easy for you to publish the post when you want. This saves you time, as you can batch your social media promotions in advance.
  • HOOTSUITE: Manage your social media accounts by posting, tracking engagement, and searching for trending topics or by industry. Within one dashboard, you can do Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.
  • REMINDERS: Set-up alerts and to-do list reminders to stay organized. You can also schedule the reminders accordingly (ex. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). This helps you become more efficient, productive, and organized.
  • AUDIBLE: Get educated or inspired on-the-go with audiobooks from Amazon. Make your daily commute even more interesting by catching up on your favorite books. Plus, the monthly subscription to the app entitles you to download one free audiobook.
  • OPENTABLE: Skip the line and book restaurant reservations in advance, all with the convenience of the click of a button. Search by location, budget, special offer (ex. Happy Hour) or cuisine type. Review menus, photos, and information about the restaurant. Plus, each time you book through the app, it rewards you with points that can be turned into a gift card for use at the participating restaurants. 
  • CALM: Boost your happiness and manage stress better with this mindfulness and meditation app. Listen to daily guided meditations, inspiring stories, or just peaceful nature sounds. Even if you only have 10 minutes, this app helps you “clear your head”, re-focus your energy, and feel more balanced.

TechTalk - 10 Apps That Make Life Easier and Happier

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