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During the recent New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 presentations this past September, a 15-year fashion industry veteran made his triumphant return to the catwalk by debuting his fashion-forward new label, VERDAD – a denim-focused apparel line by fashion designer Louis Verdad.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Louis Verdad

Designed and produced in Los Angeles, California, VERDAD is all about “expert tailoring and urban sophistication in a cool, chic collection”. You might have seen his designs in previous years worn by stylish celebrities such as Madonna, Cate Blanchett, Cher, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey and more. One of the most notable looks that Louis Verdad designed was the outfit that Madonna wore during her scintillating performance with Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Music Awards.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Louis Verdad - Dare To Dream in Denim

Now that Louis Verdad is back with his contemporary new line, VERDAD, what you can expect to see are figure-flattering, tailored pieces that elevate denim to the next level. From body-grazing dresses to modern jumpsuits and color-blocked denim jackets, Louis Verdad is back with a stylish collection of pieces that inspire you to dare to dream in denim.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Louis Verdad

Featured in today’s fashion designer spotlight, in an exclusive interview with Louis Verdad, he shares with us his insight into the inspiration behind his new line, the motivating force that keeps him going, and the reason why VERDAD is quickly becoming a favorite among fashionistas and taste-makers everywhere.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Louis Verdad - Dare To Dream in Denim

CLP: How would you describe the woman who embodies your brand

LV: She is unique and has a modern sense. She appreciates high quality and will pay for it. She is also put together without trying too hard and understands high fashion and comfort.

CLP: It’s been said that every great designer has a muse. Do you? What (or who) inspires your work?

LV: As I started “Bespoke”(Made to Order) as part of my business, I learned to work with women of all ages and body shapes. I learned that creating clothes is very universal. You can take anybody and if you create things in their proportion, they will always look amazing. This is really what inspires me to do what I do to create universal appeal.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Louis Verdad - Dare To Dream in Denim

CLP: Having experienced the ups-and-downs of the fashion business over your 15-year career in the industry, what have you learned most? How would you define ‘success’? 

LV: Talent is not the best element on which to rely as a creative individual. Consistency in your message and your aesthetic is what makes you rise above. Success is very ethereal and fleeting; it can last as long as a puff of a cigarette. The true success as a fashion designer is when you find your demographic who can look at your work and recognize your trademarks in fit, fabric, and look and say … “that’s a Louis Verdad”.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Louis Verdad - Dare To Dream in Denim

CLP: Why have you made denim a primary focus of your new line?

LV: As I reviewed the different fashion weeks of the world, I kept seeing on the runway hints of all different kinds of denim. To me, that was a subliminal message to follow. Denim is the second skin of America, not only because it’s epitome of American fabric but also because it has universal appeal.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Louis Verdad - Dare To Dream in Denim

CLP: If a woman could buy just one piece from your SS17 collection, what would that be? Why?

LV: My denim bomber jacket.  It’s the in piece to have and it fits like a glove.

CLP: Since fashion trends come and go, how do you maintain your signature style, while still creating pieces that look contemporary or on-trend?

LV: This is by being aware of what surrounds you in terms of your competitors. You learn as you go, and you develop a look that starts evolving as you grow. Being true to your aesthetic is part of having a vision that will show through your career.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Louis Verdad - Dare To Dream in Denim

CLP: Tell us about your design process, and why you chose to produce items in Los Angeles.

LV: It’s very important to have in my clothes, the American made label for me. Fabrics inspire me, the streets, politics and everything that’s around us effects the creative process. Many times you look back at what was very successful and try to reinvent it for the next season as well.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Louis Verdad - Dare To Dream in Denim

CLP: How does Southern California style differ from other parts of the world? Does this affect your design approach?

LV: This is a place where we don’t have four seasons through the year, so you have to be careful what you design in regards to fabric content and weight. Also, we have a fabulous thing called Hollywood. Where, at one point of the year, the ice of the world are here during the Oscars, Grammys and Golden Globes.

These events are an amazing opportunities that give designers the chance to pair their work with celebrities which many times, translates into huge sales.

CLP: How do you differentiate yourself from other fashion designers?

LV: Since I am a pattern-maker, I am hands on with my product.  I know how to break it and piece it back together in so many ways.  To be creative, you must understand construction and how it’s made.

Fashion Designer Spotlight on Louis Verdad - Dare To Dream in Denim

CLP: When you envision the next 5 years of your career, what are you most excited about?

LV: The excitement that I get every day when I wake up and I’m ready to do what I love so much without it getting old.

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[Images c/o Louis Verdad. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.]

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