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How To Color Block: The Ultimate Guide To Wearing Color Block Fashion

Color blocking has become one of the most popular fashion trends over the past few years, and for several good reasons.

Color block fashion is an easy and effective way to flatter your body type, highlight your assets, and create the appearance of a better figure. In addition, color block clothes instantly add visual intrigue to any outfit, by enabling you to play with different color combinations and bold, eye-catching designs.

How To Wear Color Block Fashion

Similar to how makeup contouring techniques use highlights and shadows to create the illusion of a slimmer, more chiseled face, color blocking is a great technique for bringing attention to your favorite body parts, while downplaying other parts. Featured here are style tips on how to wear color block fashion to strategically improve your overall image.

Using Color Block To Create A Smaller Waistline

Without diet or exercise, you can use color block to virtually create the appearance of a smaller waistline. Color block fashion that features contrasting colored panels, placed strategically on the sides of the dress or top. Often times, color block dresses designed to slim the waistline include stretchy panels that help cinch the waist, helping to make you look leaner.

Using Color Block To Minimize Chest Size

Art classes teach us that dark colors make an area recede (or appear smaller), while light colors have the opposite effect. This theory can be applied to color block fashion. To minimize the appearance of your chest or upper body, opt for a color block dress that utilizes a dark colored fabric for the top, in combination with a lighter or brighter colored skirt. This draws the eye downward, helping to visually balance the upper and lower body.

Using Color Block To Slim Hips and Thighs

If you want to slim the appearance of your hips and thighs, opt for color block fashion that has a darker hued bottom, paired with a lighter or brighter colored top. This draws the attention upward, toward your face, while making your lower body appear smaller.

Using Color Block To Add Curves

If you have a straight or athletic body type, then you can use color block fashion to add the illusion of curves. Asymmetrical lines or diagonally-placed contrasting panels not only make a dress more striking and eye-catching, they can also make certain body parts (such as your chest or backside) appear curvier than they actually are.

As you can see, the color block technique is an easy way to immediately change the appearance of your physique, while incorporating a popular fashion trend into your daily style.

[Image via Nordstrom]

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