Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, from petite and delicate to athletic and strong to curvy and voluptuous. Without making a concerted effort to mimic the look of your favorite celebrity or going on a crash diet just so you can resemble a supermodel, the key to finding the right style for your particular shape starts with determining which body type you naturally are: Apple, Hourglass, Straight, Pear, or Athletic. This easy and convenient Guide To Body Types will teach you how to properly highlight your assets and minimize the areas you want to downplay.

APPLE:  Similar to Jennifer Hudson, this body shape tends to gain weight in the stomach and upper body. She has smaller hips (as compared to her shoulders), and generally has lean legs. This woman should show off her fabulous legs, wear looser fitting tops, and avoid tight, clingy fabrics.

HOURGLASS: Like the well-known bombshells, Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian, this body type is known for having a curvy, feminine physique, including a full bust and hips, and a small waist. This type should wear fitted clothing that accentuates the waist, without being too tight or revealing, to accentuate those sexy curves in a flattering way.

STRAIGHT: Lean body types, as exhibited by Natalie Portman and most fashion models, are straight up and down. Their shoulders and hips are pretty much in line, with flat stomachs, and defined angles. This type looks great in skinny jeans, fitted jackets, pencil skirts, and sheath dresses.

PEAR: Similar to superstar Beyonce Knowles, this type is known for having fuller hips, thighs, and a round bum. She has narrower shoulders, a smaller upper body (compared to the width of her hips), and generally a small waist. This type looks fantastic in a-line skirts with belted waists, wide-leg and bootleg pants, and fitted tops.

ATHLETIC: Super sporty types like Cameron Diaz and athletes are similar to the straight body type, but with noticeably more muscle definition. This type looks incredible in fitted column dresses, and halter and racerback tops (to highlight lean shoulders and arms).

  1. Great tips – I have been an hourglass since college and love it. I think Kim Kardashian goes WAY too far on emphasizing her butt instead of her waist. I think that Christina Hendricks from Mad Men is a great example of how to dress!

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