How To Host A Beach BBQ - Beach Party Entertaining Guide

Labor Day might have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean summer is officially over yet. In many cities across the USA, the weather is still warm and people’s desire to keep summer going is still strong. Don’t put away your shorts and flip flops just yet… host a Beach BBQ instead! Featured in this easy Entertaining Guide are tips showing you how to host a Beach BBQ.

How To Host A Beach BBQ

Beach Party Food & Beverages

A traditional Beach BBQ is known for having hamburgers and hot dogs, but why not add some (healthy) alternatives to your beach party food assortment? Convenient, pre-packed fruit and vegetables trays are a fast and affordable way to provide your guests with a variety of food options, without having to slave away in a kitchen.

Instead of lugging down a cumbersome Keg, offer your beach party guests a variety of Beer and Wine options. It’s not only easier to carry an Ice Cooler down to the beach (making your set-up process faster and easier), you’ll also make your guests happy by providing them with different beverage choices. For the non-drinkers, serve Lemonade, Flavored Water, and Soda.

For dessert, let your guests join in on the fun by making S’Mores.

Beach Party Decorations

A celebration isn’t complete without party decorations. The challenge in hosting a Beach BBQ can be the limitations inherent with the beach setting (no electrical outlets, location restrictions, etc.). Easy and affordable beach party decorations (that don’t require major labor to set-up) include helium-filled balloons, tiki torches (which also provide ambient lighting when the sun goes down), and colorful candle-lit lanterns. These items quickly add color and visual interest to your Beach BBQ without requiring considerable time or money to set-up.

Beach Party Games & Activities

To set the mood for fun, add music to your Beach BBQ. You don’t need a live band, simply plug your iPhone into a wireless music player (which is battery-operated), and stream your iTunes Collection or Pandora music stations.

Aside from fabulous food, a Beach BBQ should always encourage guests to participate in activities. Whether it’s relaxing by a roaring fire pit while engaging in conversation, or playing a fun-filled game (like Bocce Ball, Frisbee, or Badminton), guests should be given options when it comes to things to do.

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