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This post is sponsored by Domino’s. All opinions are my own.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than hosting a fun party, but sometimes the time and effort it takes to cook for, set up, and decorate the party can get exhausting. That’s why, as a smart hostess, there are occasions when I decide to keep life simple by getting food catered.

Easy Entertaining Guide - How To Host a Pizza Party in The Park - Domino's Hotspots

Since catering can often get expensive, going for a budget-friendly (but still crowd-pleasing) alternative is a good idea, especially for low-key get-togethers. A perfect example is ordering pizza from Domino’s with their new Domino’s Hotspots®Instead of just delivering to your home, this new service delivers your order to Domino’s Hotspots all over the city. From a music festival to a tailgating party, this service enables you to take your party on-the-go.

To learn how this service works, I recently hosted a pizza party at a park by ordering food to a  Domino’s Hotspot. I have to be honest – it was literally the easiest and most effortless party I’ve ever thrown! The table set-up took 15 minutes (read on to learn how) and the food arrived hot and ready to eat.

Easy Entertaining Guide - How To Host a Pizza Party in The Park - Domino's Hotspots

Tips for Planning Your Pizza Party Menu

When you’re entertaining food-fussy guests (some are gluten-free, or vegetarian), what’s great about ordering from Domino’s is that you can choose from a variety of delicious dishes.

From a wide range of pizzas to Specialty Chicken topped with tomatoes, bacon, and cheese, to fresh summer salads with walnuts, chicken and apples and even decadent Marbled Cookie Brownie™ desserts, there’s no shortage of tasty options. To complete your party menu, they also offer beverages, dipping cups, and more.

With their $5.99 Mix & Match deal, hosting a great party doesn’t have to break the bank. To prove how much more bang you can get for your buck, all the food showed here came out to $50. Pretty impressive, huh?!

Easy Entertaining Guide - How To Host a Pizza Party in The Park

Now that you’ve got the food and beverages figured out, it’s time to get your table set up.

While the idea of planning a picnic in the park sounds novel, it’s often more challenging than expected. What usually requires a couple of trips back-and-forth to the car, can actually be done in one run (when planned right).

Tips for Table Set-up

  • Get a large carrying tray (with handles) to neatly pack all your entertaining essentials (like plates, platters, bowls, utensils, etc.).
  • Since picnic tables are often grimy (or have unsightly stains on them), pack a colorful, eye-catching tablecloth.
  • Pack coordinating serving ware, such as a salad bowl, dessert plate, and a few platters for appetizers.
  • Keep napkins from flying away in the wind by tethering them down with a weighted object (like a mason jar filled with plastic utensils).

Easy Entertaining Guide - How To Host a Pizza Party in The Park

Elevate Your Pizza Party

If you want to elevate your pizza party, add a finishing touch with flowers.

Since colorful flowers always add vibrancy and cheer to any table, swing by a market to pick up a bouquet of flowers on your way to the park so that they’re fresh. When you get to the park, put the flowers in a water-filled mason jar (which is easy to pack and adds a cute vintage touch).

Easy Entertaining Guide - How To Host a Pizza Party in The Park

To learn more about Domino’s Hotspots, visit Dominos.comYou can order online and get your pizza delivered to over 200,000 Domino’s Hotspots across the country. The system enables you to select the Domino’s Hotspot of your choice (it shows a virtual map based on the zip code or city you enter). Then it sends you a text message with order updates, including an alert when the driver is arriving. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

For more party-planning tips and ideas, check out the Entertaining section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

Easy Entertaining Guide - How To Host a Pizza Party in The Park - Domino's Hotspots

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Domino’s.

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