How To Wear Dresses In Fall and Winter

The autumn and winter months are almost here, and this is the season which has many women reaching for their jeans and boots. Winter woollies, hats, scarves and gloves all have a place in your autumn winter wardrobe, but don’t put all your girly clothes away in favor of trousers and long sleeves. Skirts and dresses are very much an all year round essential and can be styled up or down with some favorite warming essentials to suit any occasion during autumn and winter.

How To Wear Dresses In Fall & Winter

Fashion Tips For Staying Stylish When It’s Cold

In the summer, dresses are simplicity defined. There are many beautiful sundresses, tea dresses and maxi dresses that can be worn while strolling the beach, shopping in town or sipping cocktails outside during a warm evening, with little more than a pair of flats and basic accessories. The rule in summer is to choose a dress that is made of a natural material, such as cotton, so you don’t overheat and get too sticky, and one that is loose yet flattering. Women of all shapes, sizes and ages will don dresses during warmer months in order to keep cool in an elegant and ladylike fashion. Come the cold season, however, the dress seems to be forgotten a little. There is no reason for this, and by sticking to some basic tips you can be just as cozy, and much more fashionable after summer’s end and well past Christmas.

Synthetic fabrics and textures that are difficult to wear in the heat become your best allies from September onwards. Anything that can add extra warmth is useful and there are some great effects on dresses made with interesting fabrics and textures. There are many styles and shapes available this year too, and midi dresses are very much in vogue and great as the cooler days draw closer. ASDA George’s dresses range has some great midis to keep you on trend and they can be worn with tights to make sure your legs stay super cozy. Try different colored tights to add a splash of color to your outfit, or contrast with the color of your dress or accessories.

Choosing the right footwear to go with your dress is important. Sandals are somewhat of a no go after September, but you can still wear some really stylish closed toe flats with your dress and tights combo for work or daywear. If you are going to a party, find a pair of closed court shoes or stilettos depending on how brave you are, again to be worn with tights. Boots are great with a short dress, or tunic and leggings, but are not to be worn with midis or long dresses, as they will make your legs look very short and detract from your lovely outfit.

When packing away your summer gear, think first about whether your dresses could be adapted for the coming months. Jeans are a great fall back, but don’t need to be your wardrobe staple when it hits less than 10 degrees. Throw on a dress, pull on some tights and rock the feminine look all year round.

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