Best Shorts For Your Body

Whether you have a pear-shaped or hourglass body, this Summer Style Guide shares tips on finding the best shorts for your body type, that flatter your figure. Looking fabulous throughout the hotter summer months starts with choosing apparel that highlight your assets (while minimizing body parts that you want to downplay).

Best Shorts For Your Body Type

Pear Body Type

Similar to Beyonce Knowles, if you have a curvy backside, round hips, and a smaller upper body (in comparison to your lower half), then you’re probably a Pear shape. To minimize the look of your hips and thighs, while putting the emphasis on your tiny upper body, look for dark-colored shorts that are longer in length. A perfect example is the classic bermuda short. This lengthens the look of your legs, making your lower body appear smaller.

Hourglass Body Type

You’re like the legendary bombshell Marilyn Monroe if you have a curvy silhouette that includes an ample bosom, tiny waist, and full hips. The hourglass body type looks best in curve-grazing belted shorts that are slightly looser around the thighs. This helps draw attention to your small waist, while concealing any unsightly jiggle on your thighs.

Straight Body Type

Are you an athletic type like actress Cameron Diaz? Or perhaps long and lean like model Coco Rocha? Then you’re probably a straight body type. The key to finding shorts that look great on your svelte figure is to look for patterns and pleating. As an example, the straight body type would look fabulous in a pair horizontally-striped shorts with pleating on the front, as these details give the illusion of more curves.

Apple Body Type

Similar to R&B singer Jennifer Hudson, the apply body type has a smaller lower body in proportion to the upper body. The apple body type looks best in fitted shorts that have a wide waistband. This helps highlight your legs, while giving the appearance of a smaller waistline. If you’re an apple body type, also consider pairing shorts with a looser fitting top (like a tunic).

For more information about finding clothing that flatters different shaped figures, check out the Inspirations & Celebrations Guide To Body Types.

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  1. This was really helpful ! I didn’t never really thought of wearing different types of shorts depending on your own body shape ! Thanks ! (:


  2. When I saw the title of this post I was extremely intrigued! I definitley find it hard to find shorts for my pear body and usually just stick to skirts..
    Love that this posts gives all body types some options! xo

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