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Big Sexy Curls - Hairstyle Guide

Alright ladies, put down that straightening iron, and get ready to pump up the volume on your hair. When you’re in the mood for over-the-top, notice-me hair, big sexy curls are the way to go. As seen here on Beyonce, big sexy curls are a major hair statement that takes your look to a whole new level. This Hairstyle Guide shows you how to get big sexy curls in a few easy steps.

Big Sexy Curls – Hairstyle Guide

1. Before your blow-dry your hair, apply a dollop of volumizing mousse (like Big Sexy Hair’s Root Pump) into your damp hair, starting at the roots, working your way through the ends. This helps to give your hair a major boost, creating fuller, more voluminous hair. When blow-drying your hair, turn your head upside down, which lifts the roots naturally.

2. At the point that your hair is 80% dry, apply a small amount of pomade to the roots (such as Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade), to add texture and hold.

3. When your hair is completely dry, roll medium-sized sections of hair with hot rollers (my favorite are the Conair Jumbo Hot Rollers). Keep the rollers in your hair for 10-20 minutes (depending on the amount of curl you want).

4. After you take out the hot rollers, flip your head over and lightly brush through the curls with a boar-bristled brush (like the famed Mason Pearson brush). Using the same brush, tease your roots for added volume. This hairstyle is supposed to look a bit wild and carefree, so imperfect tousled curls is exactly the look you’re going for.

Voila! In a few easy steps you’ve created big sexy curls.


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