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The Ultimate Curly Hair Guide

Curly hair can be perceived as both a blessing or a curse, depending on how you handle it. One the one hand, naturally curly hair (when styled properly) looks bouncy, feminine, and beautiful. But on those dreaded humid days, the mere thought of fighting your curly hair’s tendency toward frizz and fly-aways might prevent you from getting out of bed (ok, that’s a bit dramatic). That’s where this the tips and tricks outlined in this curly hair guide can help you achieve gorgeous locks that boost your confidence and look fabulous from day-to-night.

Curly Hair Tips & Tricks

1. When washing your hair, opt for a shampoo and conditioner intended for naturally curly hair. These luxurious, emollient-rich hair products will help lock in essential moisture, adding major shine and softness. When you step out of the shower, instead of wrapping your wet hair up in a towel (which can rough up the follicle, leading to unwanted frizz and damage), simply squeeze out any excess water in your hair with your hands. If you feel the need to get your damp hair a bit dryer, gently pat your hair with a towel, without creating friction.

2. To separate and define your curls without causing damage to your hair, gently comb through your damp hair with a wide-tooth comb, which enables you to get out any kinks or tangles.

3. The next step to taming your curly hair is crucially important. When your hair is still damp, apply a curl-enhancing hair product, such as a gel, cream, or oil (depending on the overall hairstyle you’re going for – sculpted tendrils or full, bouncy ringlets) from your roots to your ends (using the majority of product from the mid-shaft to tips). These curl-boosting hair products keep your tresses moisturized and frizz-free, no matter what type of climate you live in. 

4. Now that you have cleaned, combed, and treated your curly hair with the appropriate hair products, you can simply use your hands or a hair dryer (with attached diffuser) to scrunch your curls. If you use a hair dryer, “hold the blow dryer under hair, cupping (not squeezing) curls in your palm up folding the hair accordion-style as you dry hair.” [Source:] After doing this technique for a few minutes, leave your hair to dry naturally. 

5. Finish the look by spraying a curl-enhancing hair spray on your strands, to help lock-in the style and keep your curly hair looking picture-perfect all day long.

As you can see, in just a few easy steps you can make your naturally curly hair bouncy and gorgeous.

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