How To Create Beach Waves - Hair Tutorial

The epitome of sexy, summer hair is relaxed, beach waves. Whether you’re planning on lounging by the ocean or just want to look like a California girl, beach waves are a gorgeous (and easy to create) hairstyle that can be done quickly and effortlessly. This easy-to-follow hair tutorial shows you how to create beach waves in just a few steps.

How To Create Beach Waves

The biggest difference between beach waves and sexy, bombshell waves is that the end result is supposed to look relaxed and effortless (as opposed to perfectly coifed). Keep that in mind as you’re styling your hair – less is more works is the key to creating this look.

1. After washing your hair, gently comb through your damp hair and part your roots at the center.

2. Blow-dry only the roots of your hair while gently raking your fingers through (to detangle your damp hair). Point the nozzle of the hairdryer in a downward direction, to make the hair cuticles lay flat. The key here is to flatten your roots (rather than adding volume to them).

3. After the roots of your hair are dry, add a dollop of styling cream (with UV protectant in it) throughout your hair – starting with the middle section, working your way down to your ends. This will help minimize frizz, smooth your hair follicles (helping you create mermaid-like hair), and add lightweight hold to your hairstyle.

4. Separate your hair into four different sections, wrapping each section into a mini-bun. Blow-dry each section (this will help create a wavy effect on your hair). Uncoil the sections.

5. Using a 1″ curling iron, wrap medium-sized sections of hair around the barrel (but make sure to leave the bottom of your ends out). Repeat this process throughout the rest of your hair (in an uneven pattern – you want it to look unintentional).

6. As a final step, spray a Salt or Beach Spray lightly all over your hair. This adds texture to your hair (giving it a beachy look). Gently run your fingers through the waves (without ‘scrunching’ your hair), to help loosen the curls, resulting in soft waves.

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