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How To Get Sexy Hair

Gleaming shine, bouncy waves, and lots of body – those are the descriptions everyone thinks of when it comes to sexy hair. As we’ve all seen, sultry actress, Sofia Vergara, is a long-time fan of sexy hair. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a celebrity or have an A-list hair stylist to create this highly covetable look. This easy-to-follow tutorial shows you how to get sexy hair in just 3 steps.

How To Get Sexy Hair

Apply a Shine-Enhancing Hair Serum

After washing your hair, apply a quarter-sized amount of a shine-enhancing hair serum (such as the Kérastase Elixir Ultime) to your damp hair. Run the product all the way through your hair, making sure to coat the ends especially. This helps prepare your hair for heat styling, and coats the cuticle, which helps minimize frizz and dryness (which is the opposite of sexy-hair).

Blow Dry with an Ionic Hair Dryer & Round Brush

After combing through your damp hair, using a boar bristle round brush and ionic hair dryer (with attached nozzle), blow dry your hair straight. Focus on getting the roots thoroughly dry before moving on to the rest of your hair. Always keep the nozzle of the hair dryer faced down the shaft of your hair (toward the direction of the floor). This technique helps smooth the hair cuticle, which makes your hair look naturally shiny.

Curl Hair with Jumbo-Sized Hot Rollers

When your hair is completely dry, curl your hair with jumbo-sized hot rollers. Start with the crown (top) of your head, working your way down to the under sections of your hair. Leave the hot rollers in your hair for 5-10 minutes (you can even do your make-up during this time). Take them out, and allow your hair to cool for about 1-2 minutes. This enables the hair to ‘set’, which ensures greater longevity for the look. Using your fingers, apply a bit more hair serum all over your hair, running your fingers through the waves (to separate the curls). This gives you the look of tousled, sexy hair.

Voila! In just three easy steps, you have created the look of red-carpet ready, sexy hair.


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