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Dorm Room Design Ideas

The month of August traditionally means two things… the summer season is coming to an end and people are going back to school. If you (or your daughter) is heading to college, now’s the perfect time to buy back-to-school items, including dorm room decor. Featured here are fabulous Dorm Room Design Ideas that will not only keep any college co-ed organized throughout the school year, they’re budget-friendly and easy to install too.

Dorm Room Design Ideas


In most college dorm rooms, students are provided a basic twin bed. To make the bed a comfortable and cushy place to sleep, add a featherbed cover on top of the mattress. When it comes to dorm room bedding, opt for a bed-in-a-bag. This is not only an affordable way to go, it comes in a wide variety of colors, prints, and patterns.

Wall Decor

Colleges and universities frequently have policies disallowing hung art (to prevent damage to the walls) in dorm rooms. So, the best two ways to add festive wall decor in a dorm room is to put up posters (using double-sided tape) as well as self-adhesive, removable wall decals. Both forms of art instantly add color and interest to your blank walls, without damaging them. Plus, they’re fast and easy to install (and take down, when the school year is over).


Since dorm rooms are notoriously tiny (and offer limited storage space), a fantastic way to organize your belongings is by using attractive storage containers. Offered in a range of prints, colors, and textiles (from cloth to wicker), storage containers keep you organized, while still being visually attractive in your dorm room.


Dorm room desks are usually on the small size, so stick with streamlined desk lamps (to conserve on space and add ample lighting for studying). To make a dorm room feel like home, place potted plants in different colors on the window sill, or throughout the room. This instantly adds life and color to the space, without costing a lot of money. Since most dorm rooms have either wood or laminate flooring, adding a cozy rug automatically ups the comfort factor of your dorm room, especially on cold winter nights.



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