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Interior Inspirations - The Modern Glamour Dining Room

In this edition of “Interior Inspirations”, we focus on home decorating tips that help you take on urban interior design that combines minimalist pieces with an updated take on old Hollywood glamour.

When designing a dining room that evokes the essence of modern glamour, look to create a captivating mix of chic, eye-catching decorative accessories, contemporary furnishings, and metallic finishes creates an alluring, sophisticated place for entertaining in style. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, New York, or Carmel, the modern glamour style of decor instantly adds a luxe touch to any space.

How To Decorate with Modern Glamour Home Decor

Unlike converted urban loft spaces (which generally have an industrial, masculine appearance), when going for a modern glamour decor style, it’s best to focus on combining contemporary pieces with glamorous elements.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate modern glamour into your home is to start with neutral hues. Black, white, and gray tonalities create a cool look, that can easily get dressed up with vibrant colors or metallic accents.

In addition, materials such as acrylic, lucite, glass, and chrome are elements to look for when shopping for furnishings and decorative accessories.

Using the dining room as an example, start the foundation of the room by opting for sleek furniture (like a glass dining table with high-gloss metallic legs), minimalist style chairs, and a neutral-colored area rug (with a bold, geometric print).

The glamorous accents for the space will be focal points brought in via accessories and artwork. Gilded vases and metallic dinnerware and flatware instantly up the panache of your dining room without looking gaudy. Urban-inspired artwork with metallic frames adds major visual impact without distracting from or clashing with the other decorative pieces.

For the ultimate finishing touch, luxe barware and a space-conserving bar cart help you entertain with ease, without encroaching upon your dining room. So, no matter how big or small your space, you can effortlessly serve cocktails in style.

Last, but certainly not least, is a dramatic crystal chandelier hanging above the dining table. This type of lighting elevates the look of any room, adding an aura of romance and style.

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