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Interior Inspirations - Beach House and Coastal Decor

In the mood to update your home decor for the summer? Whether you’re decorating a vacation property (like a beach house) or simply want to spruce up your primary home to give it a relaxing beachy vibe, incorporating coastal decor into your space instantly creates a calming, tranquil atmosphere.

Featured in this edition of “Interior Inspirations” are tips for decorating your home with coastal decor pieces, to give it a refreshed, updated appearance.

Coastal Decor Tips

By starting with a basic neutral palette (such as creams and earth tones) in any given room makes adding vibrant, eye-catching hues (like turquoise and aqua) an easy transition into a coastal decor inspired space.

Cool blue and green colors have a relaxing effect, while stimulating warm colors (like red and coral) are more invigorating. By keeping this color theory in mind when decorating, you can add specific tonalities into your space that provide the emotional effect you’re seeking. For this reason, larger pieces (such as ottomans, area rugs, and artwork) in cool, tranquil shades are advisable if you are decorating a bedroom.

Easy seasonal changes that don’t cost a fortune are framed printed posters. Featuring beach themed artwork and photography, you can quickly update the look of your space by adding these high-impact, low-cost coastal decor pieces that instantly change the look and feel of a room.

In addition, decorative items like aqua-colored vases containing tropical plants (either silk or real plants) turns your space into a tropical oasis in just seconds.

Simple decor items to change-out seasonally (that have a coastal decor inspired look) are pillows and blankets. These can either feature beach-themed patterns (like seashells and fish) or can be more plain, but in a color scheme that plays up the beach house vibe.

By updating your home with coastal decor, you instantly bring the outdoors in, making your home have a peaceful, relaxing feeling that transports you to a tropical destination (without having to book a flight).

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