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Home Decor Inspiration - Edgy Glamour

This week’s Home Decor Inspiration can best be summed up as Edgy Glamour. A combination of bold artwork, sleek furniture, and eye-catching novelty items results in one chic and sophisticated home decor scheme. Mixing contemporary home decor pieces with vintage finds makes your home’s style unique and visually-interesting.

Home Decor Inspiration – Edgy Glamour

This particular home decor theme features primarily black, white, and neutral furniture and artwork. Indoor plants (placed in patterned or textural vases) add both color and life to this modern home decor theme.

Metallic finishes on the furniture (such as the chair, chest, and table lamp) add a sense of opulence and glamour to the space. Opting for the primary furniture and structural elements to be black (as opposed to a mixture of colors) creates a solid base to work from. It also enables the accent pieces and artwork to ‘pop’, since they contrast nicely with the black colored pieces.

Graphic prints and architecturally-inspired patterns strategically placed throughout the room (like a throw pillow, art deco vase and wall art) add a dynamic and esthetically-stimulating aspect to an otherwise simple layout. Geometric shapes (such as circles and lines) are repeated throughout the room on various decorative items to create a sense of continuity between the pieces.

Unexpected sculptures (like a miniature Buddha figurine or Hand sculpture) add a sense of whimsy and humor to the space, upping the edginess of the room.

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